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Thank you. Now I can go get one and learn to tie it under my Hampton's Jacket, though I have no idea which end of a horse goes forward. Aloha, p
I can't believe this would stump you guys. Is it just far too stupid a question? p
This is a character in the movie of John Le Carre's 'Smiley's People', filmed in about 1980, and I think set sometime between 1960 and then: Ascot? In shirt material? Something else? I like it. Thankew, Poinz
Seiko SNK805 is awesome. I have the 809, which is black. Accurate mech movement, reasonable size, display back.
I live in the tropics, where it's always (by most gents' definition) summer, and that's style.
Thick, tho.
Look in the womens' departments. A lot of it will be 'pink', but there are some treasures there, especially if you are a smaller waist size (as the width constraint would indicate).
In a way, Flusser and Schuman remind me a lot of each other. If you listen to what they say, read what they write, look at the product, they are insightful guys who have a soulful outlook on what they're doing. But then you look at them. Ehrmahgerd.
New Posts  All Forums: