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Will you ever return from exile?
She seems intense. Like she would snap at you if you spoke to her. That may be due to her movie roles, including the ice queen in Narnia.
Is she as scary in person as in the movies?
I hope that one day I can have enough cash flow to be this shallow, patrick. I mean this sincerely.
A January Jones in a tub.
I appreciate your input gentlemen. This gives me much to ponder as I consider . . . . THE FATE OF MANKIND!
Waze follows you around to determine your movements. Google and Amazon track your reading. Somewhere, a three dimensional e-clone of you exists. You are no longer independent and free thinking. Rather, you are wired into and controlled by the twits in Cupertino, D.C., and Peking. Can you survive without the internet? Without the apps and Twitter? I've thought about this. The biggest drawbacks to going net free would be: 1. No internet bill paying 2. I'd have to call...
They eat a lot at the dinner table. It makes me hungry.
Wallander Season 2 on Netflix. Season 3 is not subtitled. I watched about 5 minutes before I realized i had no idea what exactly the characters were saying. Maybe I was learning Swedish more than I knew. Season 3 would be a great tool for someone learning Swedish; immersion learning with dead Swedes and crime.
Harold, where it the bear guy from? What movie? It seems so familiar. Almost like ... a strange dream . . .
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