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I'm jury foreman. Let's get this going.
No, but I don't want to scare the 'Cai at this sensitive time in his development.
can I have one too?
I regret this post.
I like soft drinks.
Mordecai was clever about it. He started out as E.J. Dionne, made moderator, then announced he was really David Brooks. He claims to have evolved, but . . .
No homa, but why hasn't Pio been recognized in some fashion? HM, DH, Moderator. Because he's Canadian? This is an outrage.
Life is Good
Whatever became of Jackie Treehorn? Was he a pupsocket?
Looks like an "open carry" movement guy. They should sit this one out because its not helping at all. Alternatively, it could be an Alinskyesque move by a gun control proponent.
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