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I think we've established that there are but three geniuses: Newton, Einstein, and Mozart. None of whom are American (asterisk Einstein). Here's a list of people who lived here who were really good at doing stuff: Einstein, Teller, Dirac, Pauling, Schreiffer, Bell, Edison, Disney, Gates, Jobs, Bernstein, Gershwin, Whitman, Frost, Hemingway, ok, this is tedious. Oh yeah and Tesla (see below)
I was worried about he and crazyquick. They are among the more emotionally mature posters, and can opine on all things sartorial. I'm glad to see the gunslinger back in Dodge.
Where everybody knows your name. The story of us.
So you did.Jimmy Edison also came up with the first prototype of the Coors punch top smooth pour beer can.
How can we be certain?
Beat you to it
This thread has become a sort of "home room" or virtual water cooler. It is quiet most of the time, and then a flurry of activity occurs, not all of it focused on Transparency or Moderation. If a mod like emptym wants to keep this streamlined, I'll comply, but it has been nice to have a specific area to go once in a while and check in. Kind of like the designated meeting place at an amusement park. I'd be happy to open up a "Home Room" thread, but perhaps a mod's...
How interesting that you pick the three names that pop into my head every time I hear the word. Yes, if you want to talk in those terms, we really don't have an American genius.
Agree. I love quarks and string theory as much as the next guy, but genius can be found in music, art, literature, rhetoric, and cooking.
The hard sciences have already been well represented in the thread. One could argue that any PhD in physics is a genius in terms of raw intellectual power. But I don't think listing Mensa or physics faculty was the purpose of OP; after all, Teddy Roosevelt was included in the list.Your view of genius is far too narrow for purposes of this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: