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I like soft drinks.
Mordecai was clever about it. He started out as E.J. Dionne, made moderator, then announced he was really David Brooks. He claims to have evolved, but . . .
No homa, but why hasn't Pio been recognized in some fashion? HM, DH, Moderator. Because he's Canadian? This is an outrage.
Life is Good
Whatever became of Jackie Treehorn? Was he a pupsocket?
Looks like an "open carry" movement guy. They should sit this one out because its not helping at all. Alternatively, it could be an Alinskyesque move by a gun control proponent.
Alicia Keyes is singing the Mastercard commercial on Peoples Choice Award.
Javyn should be allowed back in CE in my humble opinion. The fact that bhowie is in timeout means the world's magnetic fields remain aligned. I like blueberry pancakes. Does the cute vampire lady from Underworld get naked in Total Recall?
In with first ever post of new SF look.
Starting a petition for forum to secede from idnfl's avatar.
New Posts  All Forums: