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The 911 is a strange bird in terms of pricing. Its odd to see a new car range in price from the 80s to 500k. The same for the Panamera. The sweet spot for me would be similar to a low mileage 2005 9114S . Cost is 30K. That's the kind of car I'd opt for when and if I'm ready to take the plunge. As far as the whale tale issue, I prefer the retracting spoiler on the newer cars. The whale tale was tainted in my view by the aftermarket knock offs. Heck, I remember VW Bugs...
I was thinking mid 2000s, so water cooled. I don't want to pay more than $30k.
Planning for my mid-life crisis. What's the sweet spot on 911s in terms of a "pre-owned" model? Do they require a lot of expensive repairs? I would hope not. They've had 50 years to get it right.
****TRIGGER WARNING: Trolling Out of Forum*************************************** [[SPOILER]]
For some reason, seeing acidboy's and ter's avatars on the same page makes me a bit happy.
January Jones is missing. Please fix asap.
Falcon, how do you track bags of coke in your IOLTA account?
Black bears are far too emotional. One minute they are letting you make clay pots on their head, the next minute your skull is being used as a chew toy.
Google's car went all bumper cars. We''ll have to wait a bit longer before we can text and drive.
^^^^^ Careful, that's how ebola got started.
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