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You're triggering me.
We force Canadians to drop the English "u".
Racist is dogwhistle for Honeycomb cereal. Moslems will never embrace the Dhimmi. And the Euro-dhimmi will never embrace their imported serfs. Ask the American Indian whether diversity made them stronger.
Start at 12:40
I am surrounded by Yankees fleeing from their crappy states that they made crappy with crappy laws, but they want to bring their crappy unions, taxes, and nastiness with them. Same thing with other economic migrants.
Are you referring to anti-Semitism?
The first generation Moslems hold anti-American views. A nice hate platform for the kids.
Loking firwoord to la national aba future. We have electrolytes.
Ridiculous. I'm fair and balanced and always looking out for you. Don't be a poltroon.
Check with the Rules. Harvey may be enforcing the commercial vs. non-commercial rules in his own special way. I wouldn't know, cause I've never read them.
New Posts  All Forums: