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I do remember that now. In the book, Bilbo had an edge about him (no pun intended) when he took on the spiders. Jackson captured a bit of it when Bilbo killed the trapdoor spider, but only in a passing head shot.
Who were the Five Armies? No one seems to know. Can a bear be an army? I liked the movie. I read the book long ago so I really didn't notice many factual departures. My complaints are: 1. An elf would not go for a dwarf 2. The barrell jumping scene was a bit too cartoonish 3. Smaug's demise was over too quickly 4. Azog was not a character in the Hobbit. 5. I don't think Bilbo's 1/14th was the Arken stone(?). 6. The jewels sought by the Grey Elves . . . were they...
GF, Ter, and other THE FALL watchers.Let's discuss this.I found the development of Gillian Anderson' character compelling.Being the raging feminist that I am (sarcasm emoticon here), I started out thinking this series was yet another Thelma and Louise.But early on, the director was up to something entirely unexpected . . .I found this to be compelling, and after the last episode, the last scene in fact, I was left just sitting there, staring at the screen.
Thanks, Joffrey. I'll go over there then.
Surprised that hes not a jerk.I saw the guy in Unforgiven at LAX
Has anyone seen this series on Netflix?
Miami really hurt by the wide left and the missed PAT. Another exciting UM / FSU game.
I've reset the epox.gen translator with the new updates from OMX. If you have any encounters with unbalanced thread prompts, let me know and I'll check it out.
What's up with the sportscast threads? Is that supposed to be going on? Aesthetically horrifying.
What is it about posting up that attracts women? Don't they think its odd?
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