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The media was cowed by public opinion during the first term of the Bush Administration. More evidence that MSM = losers, cowards, and twits
Harold, in an odd way, you're uplifting.I know there is someone out there with less hope for civilization than me.
He seems like a genuine fellow to me, even though he probably views raw sheep liver as a fine dessert.
In terms of danger:Serial Killer > Clumsy Narcissist
Really; are red dot sights mounted on the side of the slide too much of an ask?
Let's not stereotype, AT. The vast majority of Syrian RPG hobbyists are peaceful, patriotic people.
It is a difficult balance. The right to end one's life as one wishes vs. the rights of the commercial airline passenger to not be blown up.Thankfully, the Constitution is a living breathing document, so it can end its life by suicide vest.
Poles would better integrate in the West if they abandoned soccer as a passion and pastime.
We mustn't stir up our unruly violent citizens with facts or news. Best allow a generation of our girls be raped than wake the beast within us.
New Posts  All Forums: