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It is a difficult balance. The right to end one's life as one wishes vs. the rights of the commercial airline passenger to not be blown up.Thankfully, the Constitution is a living breathing document, so it can end its life by suicide vest.
Poles would better integrate in the West if they abandoned soccer as a passion and pastime.
We mustn't stir up our unruly violent citizens with facts or news. Best allow a generation of our girls be raped than wake the beast within us.
Hate crimes are a myth. Please see the Fake Hate Crimes thread.
This is why Hillary will be the next POTUS. I can only hope that the military has a long memory, assuming our soldiers won't be wearing Star Trek space gowns and assaulting the enemy with love and teaching moments in the coming months.The Benghazi Debacle Should Have Ended Hillary Clinton’s CareerInstead, with an assist from the media, she’s going to get off scot-free.By David French — June 28, 2016
The wolves feed on the sheep as the sheepdogs schedule their gender reassignment surgery.
Whites in the west are being raped and beaten and attacked. The Nigerians murder the Dutch who dare walk out of their homes past midnight. Using the logic of "Colin Powell used private email too," I say two wrongs make a right.
His spirit lives on.
Happened at Ataturk Airport ... "Just sayin'"
Loathing, please translate into English.
New Posts  All Forums: