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It is a sight to behold. Beautiful. I would love to have a 911, but in more GT dress. Cold air, nice leather, comfortable ride, long trips into the forests and through the meadows . . . .
Think today's version of Tom Selleck. (If I had 1 percent body fat, the U.S. govt chart would still have me in the "morbidly obese" category.)
I once sat in a late '80s 911 and could not fit very well at all. So its water pumpers for me. I may need to wait for a 991.P.S. I'm not fat.
Porsche 911s sound like the modern version of tulips in 1800s Holland. I think I'll just save some cash and hope for another recession, then pick up a fresh and roomy 991.
This is a helpful guide on 911s. http://www.ferdinandmagazine.com/porsche-buyers-guides/porsche-911-buyers-guide
The 911 is a strange bird in terms of pricing. Its odd to see a new car range in price from the 80s to 500k. The same for the Panamera. The sweet spot for me would be similar to a low mileage 2005 9114S . Cost is 30K. That's the kind of car I'd opt for when and if I'm ready to take the plunge. As far as the whale tale issue, I prefer the retracting spoiler on the newer cars. The whale tale was tainted in my view by the aftermarket knock offs. Heck, I remember VW Bugs...
I was thinking mid 2000s, so water cooled. I don't want to pay more than $30k.
Planning for my mid-life crisis. What's the sweet spot on 911s in terms of a "pre-owned" model? Do they require a lot of expensive repairs? I would hope not. They've had 50 years to get it right.
****TRIGGER WARNING: Trolling Out of Forum*************************************** [[SPOILER]]
For some reason, seeing acidboy's and ter's avatars on the same page makes me a bit happy.
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