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Has anyone seen this series on Netflix?
Miami really hurt by the wide left and the missed PAT. Another exciting UM / FSU game.
I've reset the epox.gen translator with the new updates from OMX. If you have any encounters with unbalanced thread prompts, let me know and I'll check it out.
What's up with the sportscast threads? Is that supposed to be going on? Aesthetically horrifying.
What is it about posting up that attracts women? Don't they think its odd?
When is the CE draft going to take place? We have openings to replace 3 topic catalysts, 2 unstable idiots, 2 HuffPo's, and 5 cruisers.
Isn't this Olympic movement about World Love? And what happens after the final medal count? Quick, who won the most medals in Alberville?
NBC's cheap, grossly truncated plastic Olympic fanfare opening. Sterile. But hey, they can sell another 60 seconds of ads. Compare that to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCqUESCoB1w
Great thread. Sentences that begin with "So", as if to creep into an actual assertion. Vocal fry and upTALK(?) with a question mark. I probably definitely think that society is most likely certainly wussified. I blame Glee, Obama, and match.com. And wool caps, poorly grown facial hair, and skinny pants.
Your signature is beautiful, M.O.L. A shining star in this frozen tundra of the soul.
New Posts  All Forums: