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We are ships passing in the night. But I'm glad you refer to the state's right interpretation as batshit crazy.
The people pushing the state's rights view argued that the right to bear arms no longer existed. They (or at least some of "they") equated the national guard to the state militia, and said, "well, the national guard is federalized, so sorry, we can now take your guns. Plus its 2000, and we are modern."So the state's rights view was used as the camel's nose for the gun banners.There are a lot of stupid Second Amendment opinions out there. Including by Burger. John Paul...
I agree with the last sentence, but again, this view of the Second Amendment has been rejected. So we are arguing hypothetically. I suspect that most rational (red) states would expand militia membership if the state's rights view were the law. Which it ain't.
I'll add that under most state constitutions, the militia is comprised of all able-bodied men over 18 years of age.
No no no. The state's right interpretation died in Heller. It (state's right view) stemmed from a misreading of case called Miller. My point is that the "oooh militia!" crowd's argument hits a dead end. Play the tape . . .If the second amendment is a state's right, rather than an individual right, then the federal government may not infringe a state's right to arm its militia.And Breitbart would be lucky to have me as a contributing writer.
Rifles are much deadlier if you have time to line up a shot. Handguns are less accurate as a result of barrel length, recoil, and trigger feel. But they are much better in close quarters. Being able to adjust one's aim quickly, with a wider field of view, is important when confronted with desks, walls, doors, and a quickly moving target.
The Second Amendment is tied directly to Locke's principle of the consent of the governed. Its in the Declaration of Independence. Gun banners focus on the "militia" preamble, but if that's the case, then the feds still have no right to interfere with a state's militia. And the national guard, which is federally controlled, is not a state militia.
Hmmph. You obviously aren't familiar with the Kaptain Krunch Kollective.
New Posts  All Forums: