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Some good stuff in Curzon's post.Transl.: Enslave yourself to the hysterical banshee collective and you will be free. People who disagree aren't sophisticated enough to understand our wisdom.
Palin took the wrong path. She followed the quick money. When she stepped down as governor in favor of entertainer, she stepped away from serious politics. I still like her though, because she makes liberals livid and squirmish.
Zach Efron apologizes for appreciating Martin Luther King and his IG followers. IG?http://www.etonline.com/news/180390_zac_efron_apologizes_for_completely_insensitive_martin_luther_king_jr_post/
Leftist Democrats have never understood this issue. When I hear them talk about guns, I get the feeling I'm reading a Bazooka gum wrapper.
I thought Dom DeLuise passed away.
Europeans should consider moving to north Africa, Turkey, Pakistan, and Syria. A reverse colonization if you will. There are fortunes to be made. Go East, Young Man.
If they want origin stories, go to the Mandalorians, the original Sith, the Old Republic, Darth Reven, etc.
Darwinism spawned eugenics, and many scientists and social engineers (Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger, O.W. Holmes) pushed for progress through refinement of the gene pool. Their eugenics is our global warming.
Lucas is tracking the pre-CGI remakes and the Christmas special across the galaxy and destroying them. Call it Order 1977.
New Posts  All Forums: