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I think he has a point there. The government seems to be picking favorites based on content and race. If you are ultra-liberal or black and angry, we'll let things slide. If you are AWW (angry while white), you might as well wear a target for the snipers.
Do we know the race of the cop who fired the shot?
I think the far left hates him because he understands them and can play on their field.I think the RINOs hate him because he isn't waiting his turn or playing by the rules.He is arrogant and somewhat obnoxious, but we've had an arrogant, snobbish, aloof president for 8 years.Cruz 2016!
There are no free lunches. The GOP should be thinking of ways to exact a pound of flesh for Obama's lawlessness.In the general election: Yet another example of insider Washington, where the powerful look out for each other at the expense of working citizens. They pass laws that they won't live by.I would up the ante. "Under the Clinton exception, federal workers can store confidential documents on their home computers."
Cultures based on atheism or worship of the state enjoy witty repartee at parties, but things don't last. Citizens go about life worshipping themselves, humanity, art, love, dictators, their children, and politicians. 500 million gods for 500 million people. Meanwhile, the Moslem migrants go about life with a more unifying world view, rejecting the nihilism of their host culture. Christianity and classicism cannot be found in postmodern secular Europe. But fear...
I would love to see Christie or Cruz challenge her in a debate on this point. The other members of the field wouldn't know how to eviscerate her arguments. They would flub it like the Republicans seem to do during hearings.
Most in the media predict that Hillary will not be indicted because the White House won't allow a Democrat frontrunner to be indicted during an election year. I have perused the federal criminal code. Thus far, I have not been able to find this statutory exception.
BBC's Thorne series is shoddy.
Trump is not politically correct. Most voters have baked that into the pie already. I'm ok with a reckless, selfish, nasty, overbearing, antisocial crazy man, as long as he builds my wall.Heck, the last 8 years have proved that the USA can survive paranoid, narcissist, petty tyrants in the White House.
But would Trump use the opportunity to destroy D.C. or would he sell out for his own business interest?If the only thing he accomplishes is a big bad electric death-wall to keep out future Democrats and MS-13 gang members, I'm all for him.
New Posts  All Forums: