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9 humor credits for this one.
Wrong threak. This isn't the Kennedys thread.
That imagery rings true. What happened to him? He went from talked-about judge to laughing stock in less than 20 years. Something bad happens when the dinner party invites start pouring in.
Just too many options here. I'll leave this one for Harold.
I really believe that the motivation of a gun control law is driven by a need to feel good about oneself.It is a symbolic act.Whether the law works is not important. This is why we see stupid proposals such as "no fly, no buy", or bans of guns based on plastic add-ons (the "assault weapons" ban for example).Hardcore gun control advocates are a bit different. This group is made up of survivors or family members, statists (true believers in the Hobbes world view), really...
I'm not going to look any of this up, because its the afternoon and hot outside, but my roll-out-of-bed recollection is: Original intent: What were the dudes thinking when they came up with the language. Look at extraneous sources for guidance. Strict construction: Read the words alone. Everything else: Make it up to fit your political beliefs.
We are ships passing in the night. But I'm glad you refer to the state's right interpretation as batshit crazy.
The people pushing the state's rights view argued that the right to bear arms no longer existed. They (or at least some of "they") equated the national guard to the state militia, and said, "well, the national guard is federalized, so sorry, we can now take your guns. Plus its 2000, and we are modern."So the state's rights view was used as the camel's nose for the gun banners.There are a lot of stupid Second Amendment opinions out there. Including by Burger. John Paul...
I agree with the last sentence, but again, this view of the Second Amendment has been rejected. So we are arguing hypothetically. I suspect that most rational (red) states would expand militia membership if the state's rights view were the law. Which it ain't.
I'll add that under most state constitutions, the militia is comprised of all able-bodied men over 18 years of age.
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