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I will monitor this thread closely. -B
I get it that J is really important and everything, but he doesn't even drop by anymore. This sads me.
Given the detail in this show, every knot and article of clothing is intentional. There is a 1974 feel to some of Hannibal's suits and furniture. I believe there are 2 reasons behind this. First, his style is non-conforming, highlighting his non-conformity with society. Second, I suspect they are attempting to set a tone for the future; to break the current crisp blue and white corporate garb. Just a hunch.
The mise en scene, scenery, and wardrobe are amazing. But you have to get past the more unsavory and gruesome aspects of the show. I just pretend its chicken.
New season just started kids. Tune in now. Sartorial sociopathic splendor in Paris.
The VW GTI should get some praise. I don't own one but I wish I was 25 right now. I'd get one.
I'm not a mod but I'll look into all issues you guys report here.
Am I the only non-billionaire on SF? How do I get into this hedge fund business? Does the world need a derivative security based on derivates of derivates?
It is a sight to behold. Beautiful. I would love to have a 911, but in more GT dress. Cold air, nice leather, comfortable ride, long trips into the forests and through the meadows . . . .
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