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You're giving the MSM way too much credit. The question is not whether its newsworthy. The question is whether its narrative-worthy.
Based on the looks she's getting, she's probably in bigger danger toting that thing around.Like parking a BMW 5 series in the empty section of the Wal Mart parking lot.
Check your nonferrous privilege.
Who said its plastic?
I would magnetize mine and stand next to her.
[Moderator Privilege, Power Dynamic and Control, Scolding, Microaggressive Reminders of Purpose of Thread]I'm calling out the mods for not taking HarFo's concern seriously. We don't feel like our voices are being heard. Check your mod privileges.
This is a yummy place.
Does anyone have nice things to say about me?
. . . in my Safe Space . . . bullyproof windows . . .
I've retreated into CE Safe Space. Bully proof windows, troll proof doors . . . Mr. Wiffles, I need a hug.
New Posts  All Forums: