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Clinton's orcs rummaged through her garbage cans and emails, only to learn that Palin was a top notch governor.Palin is certainly no shrinking violate, but much of the Palin-bashing can be attributed to the misogynistic burning of heretical women by the feminists and left wing troops.
Up to now, releases were always in May. November became the LOTR and Potter release month. December 18 was a good time to catch a movie, as work slows down for most people
Despecialized? I'll look into this. Is this a reference to the original version?
I was in the kitchen when I heard a strange sound. Why is CNN playing cartoons this late in the day? I then learn that its Palin schlepping for Trump. Her words might have looked good on paper, but the whole thing was shrilly and flat.And she was too fat.BTW:Cruz 2016!!!!
My mediocrity is world class, buster.
Some good stuff in Curzon's post.Transl.: Enslave yourself to the hysterical banshee collective and you will be free. People who disagree aren't sophisticated enough to understand our wisdom.
Palin took the wrong path. She followed the quick money. When she stepped down as governor in favor of entertainer, she stepped away from serious politics. I still like her though, because she makes liberals livid and squirmish.
Zach Efron apologizes for appreciating Martin Luther King and his IG followers. IG?http://www.etonline.com/news/180390_zac_efron_apologizes_for_completely_insensitive_martin_luther_king_jr_post/
New Posts  All Forums: