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Zeitgeist? I am weary of watching tv shows (Criminal Minds, for one), where people are killed or degraded by serial killers. This is a time of life, love, and joy; perhaps we are tired of bad news, mediocrity, and people with their faces stuck in their texting machines. And irony. Irony has been hip since Letterman started his show back in '82 (or so). The smartass jaded pose, the nonchalant dryness, has grown tiresome. Bring back the sincere, the...
stereolab (dots and stripes)
I am trying this for the first time, and thought it would be great to experiment with the relationship between purported income and email responses. I am really trying to just meet a few more people as "referral" sources, but one never knows. I believe women these days are looking for a rich successful ambitious poor artist who cries when she cries, but is manly like a lumberjack and always agrees with her, but doesn't agree with her. I'll let you know my...
Duke kids are from Jersey. So who's surprised that we get Jersey Shore?
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow The fact that you don't have women beating down your door continues to baffle me. Patti can be a bit of a prima donna. She must have terrified the cast of Life Goes On.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing beautiful mantle.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Same song, different singer I think. Winston is still active and doesn't seem the type to hide behind smelly socks. As this is the Transparent Moderation Log, I won't play Keyboard Kombat here because I don't want to displease our solemn and wise moderators. I have a headache (college football), maybe tomorrow night, JW. Edit - deleted. Put this shit in CE where it belongs. This goes for everyone. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Lighthouse is probably Winston; same neo-nazi political opinion, same "Europe is loosing its kultur my white brothers" and same support for Euro right-wing crazies. You are the Miss Beasley doll of SF. Pull the string and hear the same 6 six things over and over again. Like, 18,000 times over again.
The guy from seattle forgot to throw pics of Wayne and Garth in there.
We need more grimslade. He's probably out there making all the money.
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