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Do you dare argue that liberty is a natural right?If so, welcome to the "extreme right wing."
You're going to need a bigger napkin holder.
Our culture is not imaginary. It is the reason you are not being thrown in prison for spying or blasphemy."To Destroy a People You Must First Sever Their Roots.”-Alexander Solzhenitsyn
I don't think this gives us enough credit. Consider who respects Muslims more.I believe that freedom of speech, religious liberty, and the right to live free of domination from other men is best for Westerners.If Middle Easterners wish to establish a Caliphate, and be led by mullahs, and arrange their gender roles they way they wish, I'm fine with that, as long as it stays in the Middle East.I take Muslims seriously. I believe what they say. I am not stupid enough or...
Maybe I'm just grumpy this week, but does it make me a bad person to want the author of that Slate article to be pilloried in the public square? First Amendment and all that . . . but really?
Don't worry, young'un. I'll wire the bail money to your aunt.
Laughable. The press whitewashes hippie terrorists, renting the Lincoln Bedroom, dog eating, drug dealing, and extortion. When it comes to Republican scandals or ethics, I automatically assume that Soros, Podesta, or the Clinton campaign has chummed the press with lies, and the press is eagerly taking the bait. I just don't care about what Ben Carson's book says or what he did as a 7 year old. Anyway, since when do we care about ethics and morality? We love Bill Clinton,...
You should watch Fox News. They actually deliver straight news and not Madison Avenue pig slop.
The Middle East as victim. Tribes have fought for thousands of years in that region. The Western nations are not gods. Yes, they foolishly assisted Afghanistan's fight against the Communists, and they foolishly attempted to free Iraq from a regional Hitler ("Never again"? Please). But how about taking ownership? How about acting like free men and not like herds of goats, bleating out complaints and looking for the next place to feed. Start with honoring contracts,...
There is no right or wrong as far as the U.S. is concerned. In the 1990s, the U.S. failed to respond to terror attacks, and was rewarded with 9/11. The U.S. decided to respond, and was rewarded with Obama. Then the U.S. decided not to respond, and to pull out, and was rewarded with ISIS.Its fair to say that we wish the M.E. were moved in its entirety to another planet, where it could finish up its dark ages and modernize.Its also fair to say that the West is controlled by...
New Posts  All Forums: