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Most of us agree: Bill Maher is not funny and not interesting. I still contend that he did not go to college but I am too uninspired to google it.
Can anyone explain why fancy English people hyphenate their names? Edward Rhys-Collins Rigel Rhys-Smith ????? Also, what pub names have you encountered? My favorite is still the Eagle and the Child in Oxford.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim I've seen this to be more true of Americans than any other westerners. Here, the word of Oprah automatically becomes the law of the land. American women want everything. They want a "soul mate" who can spend endless hours talking philosophy and feelings, as long as you agree with her; they want jobs but don't want the kids being tended by someone else; they want a big house and nice car but don't want to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I was at this marvelous country estate hotel in Ireland ... having a quiet breakfast in the dining room ... when out front a Mercedes limousine pulled up and out hopped a “Telly” Savalas look-alike "producer" and his girls. We didn't have to wait for them to enter to overhear his "Stick with me baby, I'll show you the world." Once inside it was "Have some kippers, gorgeous." Then before we knew what hit us ... a cell...
Hey Man thinks America sux. Fight over whether Hey Man's Leftistness is genuine or an assortment of sound bites from MSNBC. Hey Man mellows a bit when other posters don't call him bad names or go Jerry Springer on his ays. Hey Man makes $$ from rentals of DVDs and movie attendance because he produces movies. Hey Man does not conduct himself like a stereotypical movie producer. Assortment of commentary on Hey Man's posts (poasts).
Quote: Originally Posted by Hey Man To answer your question, because everyone gets offended when their question doesn't get answered - No. If I were a producer, that's what I would do. I'd say "talk to me babe!" and just go the whole way with the gig.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim +100. In general, western men and women have an idealistic view of what life should be like. They are heavily influenced by the media, whose job is to entertain, not educate. Very true.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hey Man I get a fee or salary, royalties and percentage of movies and TV shows that I am associated with. Do you drive around in a convertible, smoking a cigar, wearing sunglasses, and talking to lawyers on the cell phone?
Let's say we have a bunch of invoices and we want to know if any combination adds up to a certain figure. Is there a way to do this? Solver perhaps?
He has run off to Motherjones.com to figure out what to do next.
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