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Interesting perspective.One could say that she carries her own cage wherever she goes.
You're giving the MSM way too much credit. The question is not whether its newsworthy. The question is whether its narrative-worthy.
Based on the looks she's getting, she's probably in bigger danger toting that thing around.Like parking a BMW 5 series in the empty section of the Wal Mart parking lot.
Check your nonferrous privilege.
Who said its plastic?
I would magnetize mine and stand next to her.
[Moderator Privilege, Power Dynamic and Control, Scolding, Microaggressive Reminders of Purpose of Thread]I'm calling out the mods for not taking HarFo's concern seriously. We don't feel like our voices are being heard. Check your mod privileges.
This is a yummy place.
Does anyone have nice things to say about me?
. . . in my Safe Space . . . bullyproof windows . . .
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