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Rolls Canardly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo I'm registering 5 Mantonians on the Mantometer FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta The lag is so bad, site might as well be down. Russian virus. Vlad?
I've seen it many times. Earlier this week, I was watching it and wondered about the mental roadmap followed to arrive at that spectacle. It is amazing what the human mind can come up with. Then I started thinking about the women sitting on the couch and wondered . . . .
Charleston, Miami, Savannah. Santa Barbara is beautiful but I don't think you will find enough of what you're looking for in winter. The Pacific can get cold. The cool thing about S.B. is the shoreline runs east/west-- European style. Miami is full of horribly shallow people (the velvet rope crowd) but you should at least visit Haulover Beach .
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy It's like watching a slow motion car crash. You just know what is coming, but the anticipation is sharp. Like Shark Week. Icarus, stop thrashing about so much. Swim calmly back to the boat and dress the wound.
I wanted to dress up as Manton, but I had to fire the tailor for using unacceptable material.
Make your $ in Dallas, spend it in Austin.
this email and internet crime may put an end to the usefulness of the internet
Lennon's triumphs were Julia, Across the Universe, A Day in the Life, well, he had a lot of great songs too numerous to list. He was a whiny self-indulgent brat at times. Naive too. But his career ended with a very good album. McCartney will have more songs remembered 100 years from now. McCartney understood the timelessness of a solid melody. McCartney has reached the whiny self-indulgent brat stage a bit late. In that way, he lags decades behind...
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