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Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I'd like to make a historical note here that GDL123 is trying to troll me into fighting with him, making a pretty personal attack in the process. So far I've been fairly calm and reasonable with him, but if he continues to push my buttons, I may start calling him names with impunity. Just a pre-emptive note. There is something to be said for taking things public. I'm just surprised that the 10,000K...
The physical threat thing seems to be a line in the sand. I think they'll let him back after some time passes.
Once an elegant town filled with elegant people, SF has become DisneyWorld for the tragically hip. Progress: sidewalks as toilets, belligerent beggars, and local government bent on controlling the thoughts of its citizens. No doubt, SF is naturally beautiful; its just the people who make it unpleasant.
We should add a section to discuss Star Trek.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS That thread's too precious, and this posturing is reason. If I read this correctly, a plucky polish pugilist proposes punching petulant, possibly proximately positioned, posters.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia Oh really ? It was like insulting to our King ( that is a famous mason also ) ( that is not an insult, is knew by everyone) I´m sorry then, next time I´ll use better words. But where is the free of speech then? The american people has all my admirations and respect. Not as my own people, sorry to say Why is GDL203 so obssessed with me ? I like him, I´ll call him next time I´ll visit NYC I...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia My bye bye Obama thread seems deleted, has it? I don't know but there is a heightened scrutiny for any statement or comment that could be interpreted as a threat to the president. These concerns are not taken lightly in D.C. If it has been deleted, the mods probably did you a favor.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I'm sick of most crime shows, but I'm a sucker for serial killers. Like atomic weapons, Romans , and interstellar space, serial killers are just endlessly fascinating. Understanding their screwed up mind is one thing, and I used to watch serial killer shows and movies all the time, but in the last few months, watching people getting hurt or killed on TV shows has become unwatchable.
Zeitgeist? I am weary of watching tv shows (Criminal Minds, for one), where people are killed or degraded by serial killers. This is a time of life, love, and joy; perhaps we are tired of bad news, mediocrity, and people with their faces stuck in their texting machines. And irony. Irony has been hip since Letterman started his show back in '82 (or so). The smartass jaded pose, the nonchalant dryness, has grown tiresome. Bring back the sincere, the...
stereolab (dots and stripes)
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