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Getting married is about a woman's hopes and expectations of living in a castle with Prince Charming fitting her feet with glass slippers. Getting divorced is about hard cash, like dickering on a used car lot.
Don't defile your nuptials. Let's face it, the bachelor party is not for the groom, its for his horny friends. They can pay for it on their own time.
Sat at a bar with Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon when they were dating. Diaz is (or was) on the wild side.
There is a good bit of facebookism here on SF. We post pictures of ourselves and socialize, talk about what we did, where we went for vacation, etc. In fact, sartory is a narcissist's endeavor if there ever was one. Real social networking may be found over a dinner table, at the beach, at work, in the park, etc. Computer networking like facebook makes it easy to keep people on the radar (for example, high school pals), so it does have its place. The headline that...
I understand that we are all hip and tolerant etc., but why does OP equate a musician with Jesus Christ? Yes, some of us still go to church. If the idea is to be provocative, why not pick Buddha, Mohammed, the Bab, or some religious figure from an off limits religion?
barefoot shiraz, $4.99 on sale.
If you were in the UK, you would be very limited , as the "purist" would demand that specs be worn at garden parties in the summer. In a tropical or even semitropical climate (Miami, Palm Beach, Charleston), you may be ok with the bourbon/bone specs; but the black/white would be over the top in fall/winter. I think you are okay with bourbon/bone through the early fall, but they may look out of place by the end of September. Keep in mind that 99 percent of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I am sure there would be a lot of pictures if we had let's see you gain weight threak. I just saw one. I didn't see any photos yet. Its so hard not to gain weight because the food is so good. Calories are fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff congrats. but you dont look any different, did it all come from your face? It did make a big difference. You have one of those frames that carries things pretty evenly. Congrats.
Women initiate most divorces. Somehow they got it into their head that marriage is about being entertained.
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