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Looking to at least get out of the house and maybe get some exercise. The bar scene can be depressing and I don't have wingpersons. Is yoga the place to go?
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Shoes that are worn heavily on a boat tend to get a rather foul odor too...It is different from stinky feet smell (can be far worse) and once it is in a shoe, it stays in the shoe. Maybe a ton of febreze might work...I have tried it on my sailing gloves and it sort of solved the problem. Even just spritzing with vodka can work a little bit. Maybe the answer is the development of improved feet technology.
Don't forget the self-destructing textbooks that cost $200 a pop. They are designed to blow up after 18 months. Take a look at the binding if you don't believe me. Listen to it snap, crackle and pop when you open it for the first time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Or you could just wear socks. Seriously. Wear the damned socks. I agree wholeheartedly in most cases. The deck shoe is a curious beast, though. Is is intended to be worn with socks? I dunno, maybe a nautically inclined person knows the answer to this one.
Jiminy Crickets, everyone's relationship is going to Hell in a Handbasket. Perhaps its time to let the robots take over.
It is inconsistent to be anti-capitalist and yet live in oppulence. You must share your wealth and good fortune with the collective. This threadkdk lives on because Hey Man represents a sort of HuffPo everyman; a portion of the citizenry that both amazes and baffles folks from all walks of life.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mnkybiznes Nah, always liked the 5 spoke & want to keep with the "OEM" type look of the car .......... BBS, DPE & HRE would be my next choice, but they're too played out on these cars. Yes, smart. Keep it authentic. OEM is OEM for a reason. The car will get you as far as the parking lot, spend the rest on paying down your mortgage or buying nice suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow What does it matter if he didn't? Every year, the college system spits out thousands of graduates who all parrot the same exact lines and who all think they're being incredibly clever doing so. I grant you that many colleges have become institutions of higher regurgitation. I can't put my finger on it, but Maher sounds like he learned his politics from other comedians.
Most of us agree: Bill Maher is not funny and not interesting. I still contend that he did not go to college but I am too uninspired to google it.
Can anyone explain why fancy English people hyphenate their names? Edward Rhys-Collins Rigel Rhys-Smith ????? Also, what pub names have you encountered? My favorite is still the Eagle and the Child in Oxford.
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