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Most in the media predict that Hillary will not be indicted because the White House won't allow a Democrat frontrunner to be indicted during an election year. I have perused the federal criminal code. Thus far, I have not been able to find this statutory exception.
BBC's Thorne series is shoddy.
Trump is not politically correct. Most voters have baked that into the pie already. I'm ok with a reckless, selfish, nasty, overbearing, antisocial crazy man, as long as he builds my wall.Heck, the last 8 years have proved that the USA can survive paranoid, narcissist, petty tyrants in the White House.
But would Trump use the opportunity to destroy D.C. or would he sell out for his own business interest?If the only thing he accomplishes is a big bad electric death-wall to keep out future Democrats and MS-13 gang members, I'm all for him.
Cruz got a mixed bag with New York Values. He knows NY is lost, but the 9/11 imagery is potent. At some point, he needs to call Trump out on particular issues, making him say more that "I'll be great" or "A bunch of Russians like me, they will love me." For conservatives, the takings case cuts to the heart of our values. Cruz can hurt Trump on that issue. All that said, I still want my border wall, with crocidiles and electric eels and razor wire.. [Please note the bad...
Isn't that always the way? She gets Time Woman of the Year, and Finland gets the terrorists.
Germans can be sneaky, no doubt.
But'cept Donald Trump and Jonah Goldberg don't chop off peoples' heads or strap bombs to kids with Down's syndrome.
The days of the internet and satellites are numbered. The wise are learning how to dress game and how to make fire.
According to one German feminist, its not immigrants, its "patriarchy." http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/german-feminists-debate-cologne-attacks-a-1072806.html
New Posts  All Forums: