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Friday's are exciting.
Alinksky said ridicule was the best weapon.
Russia provoked Turkey. Plenty of warning. Helter Skelter.
Just tell them to . . .!Celebrate Diversity!
We have established great relations with Cuba and Iran. An embassy in the Islamic State is long overdue.
Why would an American citizen be upset at the GOP for wanting to enforce the law? California should have turned more red with Prop 187.
Food and diverse experience are touted as reasons for open borders and immigration. If we don't get the food, and we don't get the yoga, what good are they?
Is Paki a slur like "gringo"?
^^^^ But she was a party girl up to the end, non?
Harboldmanfal, its the narrative. Truth is inconsequential. Get with it, man.
New Posts  All Forums: