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I view the SPLC as a hate group, so I am surprised to see this.
Joe Walsh? Didn't he do that famous song I can't remember?
^^^ LOL
They no longer shock me. Social justice has no room for due process.
I am not aware of any cases where a high-profile attack on whites is categorized as a hate crime. I am really hoping that the DOJ does not characterize this as a hate crime. I am really hoping it is categorized as a misunderstanding, or that cops are not a racially disparate group, or some nonsense like that. The comment by the shooter about hating white people can be explained away as heat exhaustion.Please please please, Mr. Obama, don't call this a hate crime.
Labels like "sniper rifle" and "assault weapon" are very misleading, but the media has no idea how guns work. Snipers usually need a rifle capable of great accuracy at long distances. This requires a lot of energy; a lot of gun powder. You don't want the gun parts rattling around and wasting energy or moving the barrel, so the gun has to be very tight mechanically. Bolt action rifles accomplish this. Any rifle will be pretty accurate, and get you from point A to point B,...
Think about the hunting rifles with the bolt action.
The media played along. Let's face it. Race hate and riots sell soap and Viagra. Had the media played more cell phone videos of white guys in trucks being shot, it would calm things down. White men are more likely to be shot by cops than black men. But no one wants to film a guy in a Garth Brooks T-shirt bleeding out.
Too early to tell. The politics will rev up tomorrow am after they catch the suspects. Assuming they do. Any black man with a gun on facebook is going to be rounded up in the meantime. I'm not so sure the dude with the gun is going to be the shooter. That would be very very sloppy. Parade around with a gun before a shooting?
I'm getting sense that cops are grasping for the other suspects. Situation remains in flux even now. 4 officers dead.
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