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Snipers being arrested live now
3 dead; 3 critical
Ok, you guys are just piling on now. Leftists (collectivists) invoke their faith in "science" for projects like eugenics, population control, and genocide. This explains why they are so defensive and angry when it comes to this subject.
I think they are fighting over him.
As long as the populace is comprised of well-armed freemen, things generally turn out alright.
Not all Japanese people have naturally dark hair. Not all bears have four paws. Not all people who jump from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge die.
I have no problem with what Hillary did. I think we can all agree that the rule of law in the United States has become a joke. We have no immigration system; we have Fast and Furious; the IRS targets political enemies; we have "sanctuary cities"; and we have a president who targets members of the media for prosecution. So let's at least be honest about it. Let's all appreciate Hillary's courageous pattern of continuous lying, grifting, extorting, and parsing.
To be a true multiculturalist, you must celebrate diversity with the implicit assumption that all races, creeds, colors, and religions are just WASPs who happen to look different.To assume otherwise is, of course, racist and xenophobic.
9 humor credits for this one.
Wrong threak. This isn't the Kennedys thread.
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