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I tuned in expecting brain-dead, badly dressed, flesh-eating zombies. All I got was a bunch of run of the mill Los Angelinos.
"Hoo hoo hoo Haa haa haa Tonight we're gonna walk like big giraffes Tonight we're gonna talk like fatted calves Dance dance dance Romance mance mance Its Tokyo boogie Yo yo Yo yo The MTV set -- baby mamma big daddy Dance dance dance"
Aristotle, Aquinas, Rousseau, Dewey, Habermas . . . Share the advice and insights from Facebook here. I'll start: "Life is good."
Katy's folk song: C G D chords on acoustic Martin guitar Intro: "How y'all doing Cincinnati??? This is a song about modern times." Starts strumming . . . Today is the day that Today was the day oh yeah the people got together for change Yesterday was the day that all our troubles were so far away Lost in a wheat field, oh yeah . . . Nixon lost the house, America, America, oh yeah.
Don't you want Katy to succeed with greatness?? Get busy and write some songs, people.
I haven't thought of that. Maybe that could be her acoustic track.The second track is "International Dance Party"Starts off in Bm synthesizer (think Eno's Obscure Records), transition to bright dance beat.Lyrics:Mmm hmm,mmm, hmm,party party,dance partyMmm hmmmmm, hmm,party partyall night.Chorus:International, internationalinternational, yeahhhhRepeat as AAThe B section, switching to bright major key of C:You told me you could dance,You told me everything,You told me you'd...
I was thinking of writing her a dance track called "Oo La La." In the key of G, ritornello base line, "Oo la la, Let's dance until dawn, oo la la, Let's get the music on 'Cause tonight, tonight, I'll make you feel a'right Tonight, tonight, we'll set the sparks aflight"
I think all of the mods deserve our respect.
Geez edlanta, get it together.
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