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My sources report that suspect's brother being taken to homicide HQ. Last name Houston???
HuffPo comments are predictable. Tweets and posts .. . let's see who ruins their life.
Long hot American summer. Any complaints about bad shootings has just been wiped out by this event. Attention will now turn to responsible dialogue, heated rhetoric, America ripped apart, sensationalized, "seen too many times," etc.
Girl on Fox says "he wasn't doing anything." He was wearing camo and bullet proof vest. A good arrest IMO.
"Fluid situation" May be arrested out of caution. Lighthouse News Service reporting live from Dallas.
Black male in camo. Surprised he surrendered if he's the shooter.
Snipers being arrested live now
3 dead; 3 critical
Ok, you guys are just piling on now. Leftists (collectivists) invoke their faith in "science" for projects like eugenics, population control, and genocide. This explains why they are so defensive and angry when it comes to this subject.
I think they are fighting over him.
New Posts  All Forums: