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I think we can all agree that unions were designed by Communists to destroy America through corruption, laziness, stupidity, incompetence, racism, murder, intimidation, drunkenness, slovenliness, and hatred.
I'm confident the Danish elite will find a way to blame its own people. "We need to be more tolerant."
So you're one of those long-hair SJW professors?
The LGBT community should be more tolerant and celebrate diversity. They are sooo catty.
Trump has problems, sure. But if we get Trump instead of Clinton, I'm buying the first round.
Romney killed the man with cancer working in the factory, don't you remember?
We've survived the last 8 years with an ignorant little emperor suffering from severe NPD. What's another 4 if we get a wall?
Trump is less of a threat to conservative ideas than is Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. The problem with money changer Republicans is that they actually can accomplish their goals. Like open borders, the creation of China as a superpower, trillion dollar deficits, Common Core, and Justice David Souter.
You forget yourself, sir.
With Trump we get a wall. That's huge. A wall would have kept California from collapsing into left wing savagery. Yes, he's got his faults and is dangerous to world peace and all that, but . . . wall.
New Posts  All Forums: