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Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the explanation.
What was Rick saying at the end, and how did the other cat turn into a zombie? Is the virus turning the dead into zombies without being bitten?
I imagine they have to put up with a lot of pre-version. I am using match.com now as a sort of laboratory. Its just too much work to take seriously.
I was winked at two nights ago by a drop dead gorgeous girl. So I winked back and wrote a two liner saying she had an interesting profile and that I'd like to chat or phone her. No response. So the next day, I look at her profile and see that she's blocked me. (She obviously hasn't read my posts in CE!). Anyway, the hot ones have probably thousands of guys looking for a one night stand, so they have these strange practices to sort through it all. The trends...
I was merely pointing out that harsh terms used in the political realm caused the shooting in Tuscon, according to the DNC.http://news.investors.com/Article/597682/201201121844/wasserman-schultz-gabrielle-giffords-tea-party-WEBHED-DNC-Chair-Says-Giffords-Shooting-Tea-Partys-Fault.htm
i'm a fan of Thatcher and Fangio btw. the course insults about Thatcher is upsetting and is not civil. = giffords
I did.I was trying to get you to admit that your dislike of Thatcher stems from Argentina's failed effort to take the Falkland Islands. Let's pretend we went through the motions and call it a day, fan of Juan Manuel Fangio.
Not a huge fan of Streep, but that's a bit harsh, non?
One of the great leaders of our time, being portrayed by an actress whose ego towers above her skill.
Just won Golden Globe for best miniseries.
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