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A horribly bad idea. Most disturbing.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen the feeling of having something in your eye lingers after whatever was in there is gone. Its the resulting abrasion that itches and hurts.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellow Aw, I opened this thread looking forward to a comparison of the mindset of middle class vs wealthy people, not a "what's the best way to get rich" thread. I'm going to a halfway decent school for undergrad, so I'm in touch with kids from all levels of society. No, young one, take this thread to that place.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen blowing a tire, taking out the spare and seeing that the spare is flat. while wearing a nice suit. In the summer.
If you understand that women are mentally ill because of all of the lady chemicals, life becomes much easier.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen The professionals that get rich buy a bunch of other professional's time and then resell it at a profit. You mean like leveraging the work down to associates or non-shareholders, paying the salary and pocketing the difference?
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy if any of you are planning a meltdown next time, would it be so much to ask that you do it in the evening (north american time)? I keep missing out on this dammit! I think this is reasonable request.
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 500k may be a bit high, but there are plenty of people who earn high salaries and aren't wealthy. They live in slightly better homes, in better parts of town, drive later model cars, and send their kids to better/private schools. However, they would lose their home and everything else if they lost their jobs and couldn't find another one for an extended period of time. A wealthy person would be able to maintain a...
Getting anything from the medicine cabinet, and having 2000 plastic bottles, band aids, and empty medicine boxes falling down in a nuclear chain reaction, leaving you shaking and emptying the whole drawer in the hopes that, at some time, your doctor gave you a bottle of Xanax.
Quote: Originally Posted by bob99 Mark Cuban (billionaire, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, film producer) has written about this on his blog. He's a proponent of the "no shortcuts" school of thought. Excellent, thank you.
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