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Quote: Originally Posted by wahwho11 doc it. stand on your legs way too often to let this go. I agree 100 percent. This could ruin your life. The problem is that, if left untreated, the tendon will calcify into bone, making the pain permanent. And in your old age, it will be torture. Doc it.
Orthotics may help, but you need to see a podiatrist first. You may also try HAPAD.com for inserts. If you have high arches, they have schaphoid pads that work well.
They are on break right now. One Day More just ended. The colors, the sounds, the acting . . . I love watching actors ACT. This is exhilarating. The booming bass. I am thinking that this would be a great thing to take a date to. How could one not want to jump in the sack after all this vibrant living. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jo4FvpN3_g
Watching PBS's money grubbing session, but they are playing Les Miserables, 25th anniversary performance, and am being pulled in by the robust baseline and quirky turns of melody. What other broadway musicals are out there that aren't too . . . Glee.
Quote: Originally Posted by Requiem Cross-dressing is never good. Agreed. Women shouldn't wear ties unless its for play in the bedroom.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow I love how JLib will accasionally alight onto a thread and dispense actual knowledge. Thank you. Why occasionally did the same, but I haven't seen him round these here parts for many a moon. Is there any equivalent theory explaining the brain drain of the Italians? How did the same race give us both Leonardo Da Vinci and "The Situation"? A sincere LOL on that last question. JLib hangs around...
VWs are rock solid and handle great, but are higher maintenance than Honda or Toyota. Mercedes cost too much and the parts will bleed you dry. Kia and Hyundai? They are nice looking cars, but I wonder about the quality of the materials used. Stainless steel exhaust? Higher grade steel? Interior plastics? I just don't know. Volvo? Get a Ford and avoid the self-righteous "baby on board" "coexist" stigma. I like the Triumph suggestion. Lexus, Infiniti, Acura are...
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Sidebar: Did you see how comically short that one kid was standing next to Conan? Bieber was even taller than him, and he was 21. I did see that. At first, I thought Conan was on the platform. But when the camera panned back, I was stunned. Was he under 5'?
I watched Disney's Secretariat and really enjoyed it. I first learned to appreciate Secretariat when a scientist appearing on PBS' NOVA analyzed Secretariat's stride. He concluded Secretariat was gifted with a perfect stride. We all love the underdog, fighting uphill against naturally gifted opponents. But, to me, this inclination must yield on those occasions where we can glimpse perfection. Beethoven's Ninth. The Sistine Chapel. And Secretariat's win in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 +1 Do you really expect a 16 year old pop singer to have articulate capability? I wanted to support him. I anticipate a national Wrigley Field/Disco bonfire, with young Justin tied to the stake. As contrarian as I tend to be, I enjoy defending these talented but pilloried innocents. I was a crusader for Hanson when the tide turned. But Justin gave me very little room with his comments about the best...
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