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That's nice Ms. Merkel, but sorry Germany, too late.Enjoy.
But did he chop off anyone's head?
The pamphlet should have a picture of a giant electrified wall guarded by tigers.
A Friday afternoon bad news dump. I wait every Friday at 4 p.m. for the latest.Josh Ernst essentially instructed DOJ not to indict at a presser this afternoon. It looks like the fix is in. But whispers are that Comey won't go down quietly. Apparently the intelligence community is livid. And who knows what information they might leak?
You will never stop the Hands Up Don't Shoot movement with your cover-up stories.
For TLDNR crowd:**********************************For NTLDR crowd:Today from Tucker Carlson. Every word of this is accurate. Behold, truth.
Thisthreead is going over like a lead balloon Filled with flintwater
agree w Kasich on money not being more important
MSNBC is lapping up Flint water. Its proof that government sucks.
Rubio yells a lot
New Posts  All Forums: