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So do you believe Schoen or Sekulow? The were both on Hannity.
Germans are picking up the pitchforks and torches now. The state will not protect them, so it looks like they are taking matters into their own hands.To be fair to the intellegensia and the elites, how could they have known that stifling legitimate criticism and covering up rapes would result in vigilantism? After all, when has such a thing ever happened in the course of human history?http://www.dw.com/en/germans-organize-vigilante-groups-on-social-media/a-18971895"Such...
With some makeup and a little CGI, Harrison Ford can play Han Solo in the Solo prequels.
There was an interesting discussion on Hannity last night. The Democrat pollster, Doug Schoen, was surprisingly candid. He said that the Obama Justice Department wouldn't go after a Democrat, and that if no criminal action was taken on the IRS scandal, who seriously thinks the Justice Department will prosecute this case? His argument, in a nutshell, was Democrats will let other Democrats get away with it.The Republicans on the panel agreed, but pointed out that this is...
1. State of union is hopeful, but we still have progress to make to fulfill my Destiny er, legacy 2. I promised to fundamentally transform America. Evidence: -Healthcare -Illegal aliens can vote -global warming will stop because of the agreement 3. Guns bad. My decree won't stop ALL shootings, but if destroying the Constitution will save even one life, it's worth it. 4. If Congress fails to act on guns, immigration, and environment the way I want, I'll just sign executive...
I watched it.Let's boil this down as evolved intellectuals might.The danger to civilization is the ranting on right wing chat boards. Rush Limbaugh too.We should not be alarmed by the millions of people colonizing western Europe who have no interest in assimilating and who desire Islamic law.We should not jump to any conclusions based on 1,400 white girls (dhimmis) raped and abused in grooming houses in Rotherham.Or the thousands of sexual assaults in Cologne.Or chopping...
I see no race, creed, color, or religion. I only see two cis men persons engaged in a wrestling match.
I'd rather see a movie about Darth Plaugeius (sp?) the Wise.
Problem solved. See the bolded "Code of Conduct."
He took a slice to the spine. He will be paralyzed. His character will survive, but he will wheel around like the first Davros of Doctor Who fame.
New Posts  All Forums: