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A great show. Brosnan was chosen to replace Roger Moore as James Bond but he was stuck in his Remington Steele contract with NBC. So he had to pass on that role. NBC added insult to injury by canceling the show! Brosnan later got to play 007 starting in the mid-1990s.
I enjoy drinking the least socially responsible coffee. I make sure the cups are not not made from recycled soy husks and corn frawns, etc. It just tastes better somehow. I prefer Arabica. Cream, no sugar. Coffee = Life
Quote: Originally Posted by meister I got a pair of these through distinctive and they are great but one big problem. AE acted cheap and unlike all my other double monks they just used a piece of leather without an elastic attached toggle. Went to put them on yesterday and the suede snapped. Fortunately my cobbler can repair by adding elastic. But this is where AEs fall down with one of their best shoes. This happened to me as well. Really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I just knew going to the gun shop today would cost me. LOL. I'm now the proud owner of a new Sig P238 Rosewood model. While I was there I came across a used NAA Magnum/LR Convertible with a 1 5/8 inch barrel with tritium night sights installed for dirt cheap. The NAA looks a lot like the 1877 S&W 1-1/2 and Baby Russian. Elegant little gun.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Aaaaaaaa-hem. Wow, North Dakota's population just doubled! We have a Dakota teacher and a Dakota rube. Did I miss anyone else?
Its funny; his antics have made him so newsworthy that CBS wants to hire Charlie Sheen Plus. My initial reaction was that CBS was offering his job to blunt the lawsuit, but with more $$$ on the table, wow.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I have no idea. Perhaps Conne? Rube? Who is Larry David? OK, so maybe a different test. Like, "What does J stand for?" The Answers: 1. AF, Conne, or FL MT. MAN would work 2. Dakota Rube 3. Ramuman
A cheaper way of getting a thumbnail answer is to search the many blogs on Canada employment law, particularly in your colony.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I wholesale securities. However, I work within a very specific niche. The financial industry in Canada is already small and I work in a very specific area. Everyone knows everyone, if not personally, by name. This is not going to be a binary Yes/No analysis. An attorney (or shaman) who practices employment law on a daily basis should be able to help. A few hundred Canadian pesos is money well spent when...
In some states, non-competes are enforced as long as they are reasonable. The rule of thumb in at least one state is 2 years and a certain number of miles away depending upon the industry. Under Canadian law, non-competes will be enforced if Hiahassee the Bird Goddess sheds her sorrow tears and mourns for womankind.
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