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Its a good thing too, because you'll recall that I've put a pox on Europe.
I actually buy into the attack on Trump that he is potentially dangerous. Trump is the poster child of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Doubtful? Read one of his books. It is an amazing experience. Out of curiosity, I am listening to one of his books on tape on the commute into work. I am experiencing what most people around NPD must experience. At first, Trump is bold, brash, funny, and entertaining. But as the book goes on, you start to understand the pattern. And at...
Tolerant Europeans turned their countries into public toilets. LOL. A pox on the entire continent. Decadent, strutting, stupid people. (I can still take decent vacations to Ireland, right?)
Are we talking about Gian Gomeshi?
A nation unwilling to defend itself is ripe for annihilation. Behold such tolerance as they press their necks to the blade. All praise to gaia and Mercedes.
Friday afternoon before Super Bowl weekend. Prime time for a document dump or news of the strange demise of Clinton associates.
Its time to discuss a giant wall.
Private sector companies don't get to invoke sovereign immunity either.This story is not as big as it should be, in part because the country has pretty much given up on certain portions of Michigan as hopeless. We view it almost like a foreign country.
With the right ideology, one can get away with murders.
Grifters is indeed a good description.
New Posts  All Forums: