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Oh its a jolly 'oliday with MaryMaribuk
Has the Red Cross been notified?
HarvFal is like a tomcat. He goes off for a few months, you think he's been hit by a car, but sure enough he shows up one fine morning scraped up and hungry, but otherwise purrfectly fine.
I am a far right White Christian Anglo-Saxon Protestant evangelical Republican conservative white-privileged land owning literate white collar border-stopping oppressor, and not even I have cut off someone's head.
^^^^^^^ Sounds like a happy camper.
I don't think its denial. I think they just don't care. Or they care more about making money than they do about the country their grandchildren will have to live in.
I wonder if a university could make a mark by rooting out SJW nonsense and focusing on read subjects. The idea of spending $40K or whatever to send my kid to a "modern" university is unappealing. It would be cheaper to buy Beavis and Butthead DVDs.
Now just hold on there, cowboys. I thought Bush was Hitler.
I think we can all agree that unions were designed by Communists to destroy America through corruption, laziness, stupidity, incompetence, racism, murder, intimidation, drunkenness, slovenliness, and hatred.
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