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I am a far right White Christian Anglo-Saxon Protestant evangelical Republican conservative white-privileged land owning literate white collar border-stopping oppressor, and not even I have cut off someone's head.
^^^^^^^ Sounds like a happy camper.
I don't think its denial. I think they just don't care. Or they care more about making money than they do about the country their grandchildren will have to live in.
I wonder if a university could make a mark by rooting out SJW nonsense and focusing on read subjects. The idea of spending $40K or whatever to send my kid to a "modern" university is unappealing. It would be cheaper to buy Beavis and Butthead DVDs.
Now just hold on there, cowboys. I thought Bush was Hitler.
I think we can all agree that unions were designed by Communists to destroy America through corruption, laziness, stupidity, incompetence, racism, murder, intimidation, drunkenness, slovenliness, and hatred.
I'm confident the Danish elite will find a way to blame its own people. "We need to be more tolerant."
So you're one of those long-hair SJW professors?
The LGBT community should be more tolerant and celebrate diversity. They are sooo catty.
Trump has problems, sure. But if we get Trump instead of Clinton, I'm buying the first round.
New Posts  All Forums: