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Benghazi - 13 Hours. Hillary should be played by Jane Fonda.
I think Jennifer Lawrence just needs some good huggin'
When I see whiny videos complaining about how evil I am, selling black bodies ala tenateetsi coats, campus raping with language, thought crime, and white privilege, I feel like the emperor of ice cream. Bow before me!
How will we topple Obama?
Regime change? The M.E. needs its dictators. Its how they work. Democracy is a huge mistake in the M.E.
"Closing the internet." He's hilarious.
Unfortunately, its almost impossible to win a war--actually wi--without a lot of dead civilians. Does anyone disagree?
I like Trump's "act of love" cudgel. Trump is getting beat overall by Bush in this foray though.
I think I'd duck, and if they start shooting, then return fire. I wouldn't want to be sued or called a racist. Like fake rewritten Han Solo, the bad guy would get the first shot.
New Posts  All Forums: