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Alfa Romeo is building a car based on the Viper frame.http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1059114_first-photos-of-dodge-viper-based-alfa-romeo-zagato-tz3-stradale
Interesting . . . How did the Phaeton perform re: reliability, repair costs, maintenance?
A nice suggestion. The A8 is pretty, has the requisite panache (without being over the top), and is well made. The Jeep idea died when I read the reports about road noise and squeaks. I drive the highways so it would not work out. Also, I'm still not quite there with American cars.As for the weekend car, I would worry about legroom in the Boxster, but I hear where your going with that . . .
Looking at Phaetons now. Any word on a used low mileage Bentley or Aston Martin? I bet repair costs and parts would be steep with those cars. I know we have some 1%ers around here, corporate jets and billionaires.
I am driven in a W12 VW Phaeton limo. Ok, not really, but I'm looking for a new set of wheels. My thoughts change from day to day. Here's today's list: Porsche Cayenne Jeep Wrangler Sahara (4 door hardtop) Cadillac CTS sports sedan Alfa Romeo (whatever large sedan might come to our shores in the future) (not gonna happen, I know) Audi A8 - would need to buy used Lexus GS - the new sedan for $46k +/- I have to act like a professional, so the snoot factor has to factor...
He must have just resigned from Goldman Sachs. No, Tau, worry not. I agree with FLMM. Campaign work. Network > $ at this point.
I hope no one takes the OP too seriously. I just have issues with some of the tactics that PI lawyers engage in . . . junk science, crooked doctors, neck braces, chasing ambulances. I know there are good financial advisors. I've just recently seen instances of the advisor using his position to take money. Union bosses, well, hah. No defense for them.
Personal injury lawyer? Banker? Financial "advisor"? Union boss?
Please consider this my weekly meltdown.
My theory is that Shane is based on the Alan Ladd movie Shane. Gunslinger captures farmer's son's admiration, flirts with farmer's wife, and then leaves. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shane_(film)
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