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Cruz, Carson, possibly Kasich.Obama's executive orders have set the stage for President Trump to become our own Louis XIV. The Emperor will rule by executive decree.Unintended consequences and all that.
Think big.YES WE CAN!
Maybe the winner of Ninja Warrior Mexico will be able to climb it. Tunnels will cost millions, and we will be able to shut them down quickly. A wall will work. It worked in Berlin, it will work here. There is a museum in Berlin devoted to the amazing feats people had to go through to make it over the wall. We have better technology. Also, I want great white sharks.
That's what I thought based on the picture, but I didn't watch the video.
I'm in the 35% wanting my wall. I'm voting for Cruz, but its a close call. Narcissist madman who will build my wall or paleo-conservative who says he will build my wall.I learned yesterday that even Lindsay Graham wants a wall.Lesson: build the wall.
The compassionate make for the best lynch mobs.
Alert the Forest Service. A bhowie has wandered out of the DT preserve.
Bump. Another collapse?
Dangit.There is nowhere left on earth. Its all been ruined.Mankind will forever climb to new heights, become a whiny loser, and fall back in the mud.
Europe. There is the geological definition and the political definition. The UK has always considered themselves as not being part of "Europe," meaning continental Europe.I have not yet invoked a pox on the UK, but I have devoted a thread to its collapse. The English have relegated their proud culture to the multicultural grooming house, to be raped and stoned and debauched.I figure there are still places in Ireland where I can get away from it all.
New Posts  All Forums: