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What is going on with Acura's styling? They look like high end kitchen utensils.
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel Was I really due for a 100 year ban in CE? Admittedly, I went overboard, but the two I had issues with fired off comments as bad, if not worse. Wouldn't a two week ban, or at least a warning have sufficed? That all depends. Do you know which mod banned you?
Did Harriet Beecher Stowe have Uncle Tom go on a murderous rampage or something in a later book? I thought he was a fine fellow. Now he's treated like A. Dolph Hillter.
The idea that a student would be docked an entire letter grade for using proper terminology is shocking. This sounds like indoctrination more than education. If you encounter more of this thought control, I encourage you to contact your elected representatives and write about your experience in the paper. Wait until you graduate if you have to, but do it.
I am glad to have Manton back. I am so happy, I am going to order his book.
Its in the "Danger Zone" for cancelation next year. I wrote to ABC just now and urged them to keep the show going.
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. I was watching until they explained part of the aliens motivation as having no feelings, or ability to "love". I'm sorry, that's just the laziest way to make someone a bad guy. And I normally love sci-fi, so it hurt to have such crap writing. To each his own. I was back and forth on the show, but over the last 6 weeks or so, it has been very fun and intense.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Man... Google. Read the title. OK - I know. But its stupid.
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 Why not? I actually have both but only use the charcoal grill. Never would have bought the propane grill but my wife wanted it for hurricane season. The coals stay hot for hours; they look like they have cooled down. Grills knocked over; pets; hot coals; etc.
This show is getting better and better. Last night's massacre of the traitors was well executed (pi).
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