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A cheaper way of getting a thumbnail answer is to search the many blogs on Canada employment law, particularly in your colony.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I wholesale securities. However, I work within a very specific niche. The financial industry in Canada is already small and I work in a very specific area. Everyone knows everyone, if not personally, by name. This is not going to be a binary Yes/No analysis. An attorney (or shaman) who practices employment law on a daily basis should be able to help. A few hundred Canadian pesos is money well spent when...
In some states, non-competes are enforced as long as they are reasonable. The rule of thumb in at least one state is 2 years and a certain number of miles away depending upon the industry. Under Canadian law, non-competes will be enforced if Hiahassee the Bird Goddess sheds her sorrow tears and mourns for womankind.
On the spam issue, would it be possible to make the i-criminals jump through hoops before posting. Maybe a 50 post minimum to start their own thread. Maybe they should be tested like, name two of the three most prolific thread starters in CE. Or, which poster lives in North Dakota? Or who features Larry David as his avatar? This may cut down on the drive-by spam.
What is going on with Acura's styling? They look like high end kitchen utensils.
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel Was I really due for a 100 year ban in CE? Admittedly, I went overboard, but the two I had issues with fired off comments as bad, if not worse. Wouldn't a two week ban, or at least a warning have sufficed? That all depends. Do you know which mod banned you?
Did Harriet Beecher Stowe have Uncle Tom go on a murderous rampage or something in a later book? I thought he was a fine fellow. Now he's treated like A. Dolph Hillter.
The idea that a student would be docked an entire letter grade for using proper terminology is shocking. This sounds like indoctrination more than education. If you encounter more of this thought control, I encourage you to contact your elected representatives and write about your experience in the paper. Wait until you graduate if you have to, but do it.
I am glad to have Manton back. I am so happy, I am going to order his book.
Its in the "Danger Zone" for cancelation next year. I wrote to ABC just now and urged them to keep the show going.
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