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Everyone should have a pre-computer offroad vehicle to escape, when the silicon valley tyrants finally execute Order 66.
The gun / car comparison is helpful. It illustrates the flawed reasoning of "there outta be a law." There is a law.
Gun regulations may not have stopped this incident, but enough is enough!
I moved the new EATA protocols to another platform and rebooted, which seems to have fixed that bug. Keep me posted if you have any other issues.
Swedes are not free people. They are owned by the state, and thus their thoughts--and empirically proved facts--must be governed by the state.
Agree on the second point.Trump has his place; his personal glory and entertainment outweighs his need to be part of the D.C./Wall Street power circuit.
Riots tonight? or is everyone tuckered out.
Please use trigger warnings in the future. "Her husband", "she", "he". You should know better.
Frank Underwood murdered people. Just like the Clintons.
Benghazi - 13 Hours. Hillary should be played by Jane Fonda.
New Posts  All Forums: