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It looks unnatural. What do you do with all the side space?
The stench and jungle rot > uncoolness
The polar bear will take on male walruses, which is astounding. In the bear vs tiger battle, it would probably fall within some range, like 65 / 35 percent one way or the other. I believe bears have an advantage because their front legs and paws are so powerful. The tiger, however, may be able to use this to his advantage, because tigers attack by clamping down on the throat. If the bear were to miss, the tiger may have access to the bear's trachea.
Amazing. Is he really a man eater, or are they assuming he would happily eat a human if once came along.
Good thread; this seems to be an epidemic. I have been running across some of these passive aggressive twits of late.
And what of the Tigon? Who would win between Liger and Tigon, or bear, Polar or Grizzly.
No. Do not match. Pocket square should not be same fabric as the tie. Only a minor color of the tie should be captured in pocketsquare.
Grizzly or polar bear win. Just too big.
Your effort here exceeds my wildest expectations.
New Posts  All Forums: