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I think it makes sense, because I took it as more of, "don't forget we've also got Leia."
Why aren't you celebrating diversity? Re-education camp for you. And 3 weeks of sensitivity training.
The only complaints I have: 1. FN287 and Rey should not be able to last more than a minute against a Sith in training, even if he is injured. 2. Rey is portrayed as a good guy, yet she has a British accent. Everyone knows the good guys are American. Maybe they'll turn her to the dark side and fix this. 3. I don't think Sidious gets enough credit in these movies. He was a mastermind and truly on team Sith, yet Vader gets all the credit for Sith successes.
Kylo Ren was a great villain. By far the most interesting character. I hope he eventually becomes the Sith master and runs the galaxy.
Americans don't want to hear solutions. They want to hear platitudes. "Hope and Change." "Paygo." "Its the right thing to do." To some, Trump is 2016's Obama of 2008. A canvas upon which people can paint their hopes and dreams. To me, Trump is not a suitable president but the carpet is moldy, the roof is leaking, and the radiator is on fire, so I'm not particularly concerned if a raccoon wanders in. Plus, the wall talk.
Obama was jumping the shark for the U.S. Now Mork and Mindy meet the Harlem Globetrotters. It just doesn't matter anymore. We are nearing the last season and waiting for the sequel. That's why people are hoarding ammo.
But everyone already knows Jeffrey Dahmer lived in Wisconsin or Minnesota or 'dat.
I just finished Making a Murderer. The cops and prosecutors were horrible, [[SPOILER]]
We now have a King. All hail King Obama!
Meth addicts don't vote, so no harm no foul there.
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