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Celebrate Diversity!**As long as diversity means college educated white male Protestant
Cruz's best weapon is that he knows the left backwards and forwards. He's been around them for his entire adult life. You're probably referring to Charlie Rose and his harem.
This is accurate. The conceit of the multi-culturalists and post-colonialists is that "brown people" are just like us. That US Weekly mentality is inherently racist.
The HuffPo crowd views the West as racist and evil, and therefore is warmed by the prospect of the colonial evil capitalist West being eaten away from the inside, and raped by those they identify as the "brown people."Trump and Cruz are fighting for Western values. Democrats and their Greek Communist financiers are fighting for the fall of the West.
The soluBelgium is where the Dutch live, and Holland is where the Holls live. Sweden is the Netherlandians.
What, are you calling "We are Belgium" tweets and flag colored lighting weak?
I wasn't sure which white Americans were being lynched by leftists, but then I realized you're referring to the lynchings that took place at Duke and UVA campuses.
This is Europe's version of suicide by cop.
Mods, I'm starting a petition to get Funny Picture of the Day moved out of DT and into General Chat. Help us out, please.
They caught the mastermind with the foreign sounding name. Now he will face the horrors of a 2 year stint in a French prison.
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