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in stitches is a genius.
New mods . . . Have you considered the fact that you'd be more protected as a group? Consider joining my new United Mods of America Union. Dues are only $25 per year.
Not out of the question . . .It looks like he's randomly channelling 14 year old gangsta tweets
Is Bhowie trying to get banned? He's gone crazy in DT, making it dumber than usual.
Ignore-ance is bliss.
My thesis is very politically charged, so I'm going to take it to CE rather than derail this thread.
That's one part of it, yes.
Rambo, I have a lot to say on this topic, so I think it may be best to open a new thread in CE. Agree? or do you think its fair game here?
This movie was amazing. It went from one heartstopping moment to another. I loved it. Bane was a fantastic villian. Strong, smart, monstrous. As an added benefit, this is the most conservative movie to come out of Hollywood in a long time.
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