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Ridiculous.George W. Bush is responsible for my cat not liking dry food.
As long as there are no collateral injuries, a fight between #BLM and KKK would be entertaining. Two fascist hate groups going at it.
I guess I should have used "apprentice," as the Sith are probably a better fit.
People will find ways to justify madness and murder. If their god is not invoked, then the collective, or the family, or social justice, or equality, or the self, is. Behind the murders, you will find the same shrew-sluts and fish-skinned psychopaths counting their gold.Repent!
You will learn, Padawan. Be patient in your training.
Obama. Yes, yes, I know he's not attacking ISIS because he hates Europeans and wants the caliphate, but I must say his approach has a silver lining. Remember when the modern world delighted at Obama's election? Peace prize, floating like a god, etc. They saw the end of U.S. meddling and military adventures. Obama is simply giving them what they want. Holland has to come here to beg for help, and Obama shrugs, saying "yeah, we'll help, we'll destroy ISIS, etc. Blah blah...
Putin probably has antisocial, narcissist tendencies, and might just blow up the world if he feels like his position is threatened. I guess that's the problem with dictators. One hopes the generals for both countries have some repoire.
Shooting the plane is okay. Murdering the pilots, not. Putin is pushing and pushing until someone pushes back. Now what's going to happen? Worldstar!
Friday's are exciting.
Alinksky said ridicule was the best weapon.
New Posts  All Forums: