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Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale I thought middle class was just a euphemism for working class with too many credit cards. Good point. But let's assume that its the pre-2005 middle class. No credit card debt, buys cars rather than lease, changes own oil, no hired help, buys store brands, maxes 401K. I often wonder whether such concern over conserving what I do earn is preventing me from a whole new level of prosperity. I like...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen You're going to get a lot of argument by saying people making 500k are "wealthy" I guess I would be pretty comfortable at that stage, in terms of vacations, college for kids, nice car, maybe a jet ski or two, and good steaks to grill.
Middle class family man sees money as something to save, to place in safe investments. He reduces risk, is cautious, does not spend on luxury items. Rich man sees money as a means to an end, not the end. A tool. You win some, you lose some. It takes money to make money. Risk is opportunity. Throw into the mix, The Millionaire Next Door (middle class value system) vs. the hustler MLM Ponzi get rich quick guy, some of whom actually get rich. Probability-wise,...
Keep your kids in your custody. And keep them out of all boys schools because all those wacky hormones will find an outlet, one way or another. That there is anything wrong with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Am I correct in concluding after all these pages and a period of thread dormancy that the definition of the word "prestige" in this thread is (1) that which makes a bourgeois and/or immigrant parent feel that they have finally bested other bourgeois and/or immigrant parents and/or (2) that which gives a graduate population a marginal statistical advantage over a competing graduate population for financial, legal,...
^^^ Me too. These types of films must be seen with an open mind. Malick is an interesting cat.
Answer is 7.
I was born in 1856.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe There was that small claim, some pages back, that feminists took the sexes to be identical. Your second paragraph indicates your ignorance of contemporary feminist thought. Contemporary feminists think?
A great show. Brosnan was chosen to replace Roger Moore as James Bond but he was stuck in his Remington Steele contract with NBC. So he had to pass on that role. NBC added insult to injury by canceling the show! Brosnan later got to play 007 starting in the mid-1990s.
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