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Germans can be sneaky, no doubt.
But'cept Donald Trump and Jonah Goldberg don't chop off peoples' heads or strap bombs to kids with Down's syndrome.
The days of the internet and satellites are numbered. The wise are learning how to dress game and how to make fire.
According to one German feminist, its not immigrants, its "patriarchy." http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/german-feminists-debate-cologne-attacks-a-1072806.html
Merkel has swung open the barn door. Time to feed.The German cannibal case on a continental scale. Europe agrees to be eaten while the cannibal films.
It angers me when people have to learn the hard way. She could have read up on Syria before deciding to subject herself to this humiliation and abuse.I don't suffer fools gladly. Oil and water cannot mix.http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/636372/Death-threats-harassment-German-workers-refugee-centre
Clinton on money in politics. How nice.Kudos to CNN for knowing how to manage a campaign.
^^^^ Sounds like women musicians just need to make better music.
True to Clinton form, she's denying and attacking the messenger.The IG should refrain from jogging or walking his dog for the next few months.
Clinton's orcs rummaged through her garbage cans and emails, only to learn that Palin was a top notch governor.Palin is certainly no shrinking violate, but much of the Palin-bashing can be attributed to the misogynistic burning of heretical women by the feminists and left wing troops.
New Posts  All Forums: