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Dead white men off the money. Throw in some communists and bobs your uncle.
I read the comments on the slide, and regard it as serious academic content backed by empirical evidence.
Bedbugs, diseases, rapes, murders, DUIs, cheap labor . . .And the Mexican government is coaching the invaders on how to become voting citizens.What's not to celebrate?
Decry illegal immigration publicly, but laugh as they pay $4.00 under the table to fast food workers, construction crews, and hotel staff.
I'll buy from them when they release "Cruz Cream Crunch" and "Trumpalicious Toffee"
It is better to let one's culture and way of life be destroyed, and one's children be defiled, than it is to be considered intolerant.
Demography is destiny.
The only thing surprising is that people are surprised. Everyone is corrupt. The IRS most of all.
"Youths" is Eurocode for Moslems.
New Posts  All Forums: