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I'm sure those who wanted Cruz to be a good little boy and obey his masters (from other states) don't like Ted Cruz. Their hatred of Cruz is a stamp of approval. Cruz is genuine.
I haven't been able to process this. I still see the Wheaties box.
Jumping into the Orwellian language war, I've been thinking of some new words to introduce into MSM. So far I have: Xenorational Anglophobic Climatology
Why can't you just let me be happy about something?For once.Just . . . for once.
We should put Redd Fox on something . . . maybe the $1.
I think its fantastic that we've created our own little Somalia right here in the U.S.
16 year old killed after being attacked by pack of girls in a high school bathroom. Enough right wing moralizing. WORLDSTAR! So girlfriend got jumped by CiCi's crew and . . . wait, what, LGBTQTCIS? OMG!!!!! WORLDSTAR! http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/23/us/girl-16-dies-after-fight-in-a-high-school-restroom-in-delaware.html
I think we should get rid of the politics and allow corporations to advertise on our money. We could raise billions.
Bruce Jenner should appear on the $50. I would put Saul Alinsky on the $10. The women chosen to fill our currency are depicted as stern school marms. I look forward to seeing the graffiti, but then again I kinda don't. Some of it will be horrid.
It takes a village. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/04/21/dying-chicago-man-gets-pickpocketed-left-for-dead-on-street-corner-lawyer-says.html?intcmp=hpbt4
New Posts  All Forums: