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Demography is destiny.
The only thing surprising is that people are surprised. Everyone is corrupt. The IRS most of all.
"Youths" is Eurocode for Moslems.
I WANT TO GO TO ONE OF THESE EVENTS!!!!!!I am sad because its like a big fat angry white beach party and I'm not invited.
You're missing the context. If she had actually been attacked, that would have been evidence of racism and Islamophobia. So, in context, this was an act of racism.
The argument about Egypt is stupid. Just tell her, "respect my white privilege. Oh, and by the way, how about removing those jeans, your watch, your jacket, and your shoes, and stop speaking English. You're appropriating my culture." Oh how I wish I were in college again.
Fantastic! We had to change plans to avoid a 35% increase in premiums. Now it's a "plan" where the deductible is much higher. I would fare better with term life insurance and a veterinarian. Thanks Obama. Still waiting on my $2,500 per year savings under the "affordable" care act
The Obama worshipping media and Obama himself are responsible for the birther movement. Obama used it for political gain, which is why he refused to provide his birth certificate for so long. The media cried when Obama was elected. He floated above them as a sort of god.
What's wrong with "shopkeepers?" Store owners? Merchants? Tenants? Vendors?
New Posts  All Forums: