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LOL. Idiots have no idea that the multi magazine bullets shoot from automatic barrels.
Yes, there is. Trump is America flipping the establishment the middle finger. The establishment being MSM, political correctness, Yale, Harvard, NYT, professional politicians, Wall Street / D.C. conduit dwellers.The country has been so mismanaged, and the president is so unhinged from reality, that voters would prefer the bull in the china shop.
Waiting for the weekly Friday afternoon Obama document dump. What will it be today?
Thanks. I see great trolling opportunity.
Cops demand complete submission. Its how they are trained. They equate total control with safety. To quote Cartman . . .
This is unfortunate. She is the only one who can beat Clinton. This is not meant to praise Clinton. The Democrats have mastered the electoral college, having fundamentally transformed California and other states through immigration and voter fraud.
This land is my land this land is my land you are a terrorist from across the border
NRA lobbying is grassroots lobbying. Is there any proof that SmithKline or PG or Ford are contributing? I'm all for it.
If you were to find an honest liberal, they'd tell you that they know gun control won't stop mass killings, but that passing a law requiring good citizens to give up their rights would make them feel better about themselves. "We need to do something" is code for "you need to give up something, even though it won't make a difference, so I can feel good about myself."
As the details emerge, the progressives/liberals will find it harder and harder to talk about the guns. Though they will certainly try. Shootings like this will result in more guns, not less. Why be a soft target, helpless? Trusting the government for your protection? We aren't fools.
New Posts  All Forums: