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Hate crimes are disproportionately applied to whites.
Illegal Aliens Sentenced For Beating Elderly Minnesota Farmer to Death by Katie McHugh May 2016 Two illegal aliens will spend decades in prison after tying up a 90-year-old farmer in Minnesota and beating him to death last April. Reinol Vergara and Edson Benitez pled guilty to second-degree murder and assisting to second degree murder. “They left him helpless on his living room flow as they ransacked his home, as he was bleeding to death, they cut the phone line...
Globalization, the internet, everyone learning English, and free trade has suckified the western world.
I guess I'd have more sympathy for Mr. Jenner if he weren't such a media slut.
I'm sure those who wanted Cruz to be a good little boy and obey his masters (from other states) don't like Ted Cruz. Their hatred of Cruz is a stamp of approval. Cruz is genuine.
I haven't been able to process this. I still see the Wheaties box.
Jumping into the Orwellian language war, I've been thinking of some new words to introduce into MSM. So far I have: Xenorational Anglophobic Climatology
Why can't you just let me be happy about something?For once.Just . . . for once.
We should put Redd Fox on something . . . maybe the $1.
I think its fantastic that we've created our own little Somalia right here in the U.S.
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