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Its time to discuss a giant wall.
Private sector companies don't get to invoke sovereign immunity either.This story is not as big as it should be, in part because the country has pretty much given up on certain portions of Michigan as hopeless. We view it almost like a foreign country.
With the right ideology, one can get away with murders.
Grifters is indeed a good description.
Not yet. I was always supporting Cruz. Trump is my second choice because of the wall and the promise to deport illegal aliens back to their homes. As for my third choice, I suppose its Rubio because he at least can keep the yellow-eyed sulfur queen out of our White House.
I'm voting for Cruz, because he mirrors what I would do if I became president (the people would have to really beg me to serve) and he knows how the America hating open border commies think . . . but I think Rubio is going to get the nomination.
What, are you saying history repeats itself???You're on the wrong side of history.oh, wait . . .
That's nice Ms. Merkel, but sorry Germany, too late.Enjoy.
But did he chop off anyone's head?
The pamphlet should have a picture of a giant electrified wall guarded by tigers.
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