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What is our black attorney general's last name?Other triggering names:King (white monarchist oppressor fascist)Jackson (slave owner and indian killer)Columbia (Columbus indian killer)
Vacuous slogans and lies? The pot calls the kettle black.Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3351604/Vacuous-sloganeering-outright-lies-fake-hair-White-House-launches-unprecedented-personal-attack-Donald-Trump.html#ixzz3tls6mNRWFollow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Work with me here. Do you want immunity or not?
Ukraine is in Asia.Asians can't be racist according to the Color Wheel.
^^ Because ramming social experiments down the public's throat and suppressing dissent always turns out just fine.
But what about Hope and Change? And where's my $2,500 Obamacare savings? And pay-go? Pay as you go? And he was going to cut the deficit in half. And the world was going to love us again. What about Hope and Change?
I'm for stopping immigration as it has been practiced since 1965 because the country is growing suckier by the year. Race relations are horrible, the American flag is banned in some schools as triggering, and we are losing California, Texas, Colorado, and Florida to the communists.
Thought suppression, like fire suppression, leads to disease, decay, and parasites.Time for a good fire.
Google is "calling all girls" to code an hour of code on their homepage. Message from Google: Girls, you want to be computer programmers, but you're too stupid to realize it. Stop acting like girls.
The civilized world ends at the San Andreas fault. Yet the Sierra Nevadas haven't kept the paganite savages out of our realm.
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