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Watching now! Oh, that poor girl . . .
how is this on page 20? I think I posted after reading the first page. Sheesh. nvm
Oriental is the correct term. Asian refers to many peeplz, like Indians, Russians, etc.
More racism in the Deep North.
Actions speak. Words are meaningless. She texted while you were in bed with her, then asked you to leave. Unacceptable. Yeah, I get all of the "we seemed to hit it off" crap, but in her mind you are a disposable, cheap, plastic dog toy made in China. You're key to future success will be determined now. Will you be cheap plastic crap from Shit-Mart, or will you tell her after your next date, "Naah, thanks for the invite, but there's a new Family Guy coming on tonight."
What's weird about all of this is that I started watching it because I always prowl the PBS world during the weekends, what between Lawrence Welk and Sherlock Holmes. I really enjoyed the shows, but thought that I was one of 4 people in the country watching it. This morning, I hear Eliz. McGovern on Scott Simon's show and think, hmm, other people are watching. And tonight, I see this. This must be how hot trends start. In 6 months, this show will be the Desperate...
City Journal is a wonderful publication.
Seems like most of the UF fans I run into are drunkard boors. Seems to run in the ethically challenged Gator program. Oh well.Ironic that "cracker" is viewed as an insult, because Florida crackers were resourceful...
Ridley Scott is my favorite director. So I will see this movie.
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