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Vacationing mom heckled, tackled, and shackled, then charged with child abuse for letting 11 year old drive a golf cart on posh Bald Head Island. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/gone-viral/os-mom-child-abuse-golf-cart-20160523-story.html
So the only thing separating me from Ab-CIS trans-non-gender human-kin is a couple of face piercings and some hair gel?
Huh? wha? who's asking for me?
That's awful but American Jews will still vote for Jew-hating Marxists and bloodthirsty anti-Semites.Right side of history.
^^ And now the morrocants will sue the family of the girl.
I switched to Duck Duck Go today because Google shoved that terrorist in our face today. Google is evil.
London. Third world city-state.
I should have added "again."
no one wants a rapist and a lizard in the White House.
New Posts  All Forums: