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So Cletis is out of the question?
This was a reference to frenchy. If memory serves, he's a boxer.
Bruce Lee was Chinese, born in Hong Kong. Developed jeet kun do, the style of no style; of being not thinking; of direct and efficient strikes. No relation to Jet Li.
Our pugnacious young Pole returns!
Er, that ain't in Florida.
Tomorrow is the perfect day to break out the spectators.
I saw him at the LAX airport.
I once saw Saul Rubinek at LAX
Would you get an 8 cyl?Also, the 2004's seem to have an expensive fix if one of the suspension components fails. You have to replace all four shocks at a cost of $10k.
Alfa Romeo is building a car based on the Viper frame.http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1059114_first-photos-of-dodge-viper-based-alfa-romeo-zagato-tz3-stradale
New Posts  All Forums: