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^^ And now the morrocants will sue the family of the girl.
I switched to Duck Duck Go today because Google shoved that terrorist in our face today. Google is evil.
London. Third world city-state.
I should have added "again."
no one wants a rapist and a lizard in the White House.
Logic is the Newtonian mechanics of truth.
Don't know what's going on up there ^^^^ but I love my guns and I want more and more and more.
"But he promised us free stuff!"Enjoy your free stuff as you starve and begin to smell like an animal."Elections have consequences."LOL.http://www.theguardian.com/global/2016/may/18/venezuelans-on-food-shortages-economic-crisis-blighting-daily-lives-maduro
'Wah yoo prammlin' on der abou?
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