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Moderators and Ombudsmen, I miss NameBack and rach and AF and about 6 other posters. Please address. Sincerely, L.H. Ouse.
I've put MileyBird2009 in a 3 day T.O. for abusive conduct in the OMG Bieber threak.
No worries, lad. I've reconfigured the algorithm that controls the PM segment queue. We've switched from beta to alpha, and that has caused issues with the user interfaces. Should be good to go now.
I can't help it. He has become such a political figure that I can't separate his celebrity from his acting. He's typecast himself. Bale goes to his characters. Afleck is just kind of, well, Afleck. All the time.
"Robin, all this crime could be prevented by using low energy light bulbs and funding our nation's infrastructure."
I'm feeling like the site isn't connecting me in a deeper way. You know, the spirit circuits and the soul code. It timed out at 3:33 a.m. on Monday morning. Maybe its ramthaspam at work.
I think you're all very special people. No Reply Necessary.
Lindsey Lohan Gloria Alred Madonna
It has made you much more cute and fluffy, FWIW.
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