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Thought suppression, like fire suppression, leads to disease, decay, and parasites.Time for a good fire.
Google is "calling all girls" to code an hour of code on their homepage. Message from Google: Girls, you want to be computer programmers, but you're too stupid to realize it. Stop acting like girls.
The civilized world ends at the San Andreas fault. Yet the Sierra Nevadas haven't kept the paganite savages out of our realm.
We don't know Molto's race, so this is a premature charge. Only WASPs are capable of racism.Please refer to note 7 on the bottom of your Oppression Chart.
Rush the band or Rush the Limbaugh?
We keep hearing about diversity or lack thereof in STEM. Its unfortunate that Tyson chooses to waste his fame to push DailyKos leftism and stale Democrat talking points. He cheapens himself, Chomsky style.
LOL. Idiots have no idea that the multi magazine bullets shoot from automatic barrels.
Yes, there is. Trump is America flipping the establishment the middle finger. The establishment being MSM, political correctness, Yale, Harvard, NYT, professional politicians, Wall Street / D.C. conduit dwellers.The country has been so mismanaged, and the president is so unhinged from reality, that voters would prefer the bull in the china shop.
Waiting for the weekly Friday afternoon Obama document dump. What will it be today?
Thanks. I see great trolling opportunity.
New Posts  All Forums: