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NBC's cheap, grossly truncated plastic Olympic fanfare opening. Sterile. But hey, they can sell another 60 seconds of ads. Compare that to this:
Great thread. Sentences that begin with "So", as if to creep into an actual assertion. Vocal fry and upTALK(?) with a question mark. I probably definitely think that society is most likely certainly wussified. I blame Glee, Obama, and And wool caps, poorly grown facial hair, and skinny pants.
Your signature is beautiful, M.O.L. A shining star in this frozen tundra of the soul.
You power hungry mass thread murderer.How much is enough?How many yachts can you ski behind?
Zuviel Worten fur ein leicht idee. Ich kann nicht das verstehe. Die Deutsch sollte > sein.
Don't understand. Draw me a diagram.
That is probably the stupidestiest thing I've heard since mike lupica opened his maw.
Life is good!
Discovering Tavener, who died recently
Don't pink dolphins "surface" Teach?
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