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What's been disproved in that quote? Have you ever read Obama's books? He attended a SJW church for years; a church that celebrated Louis Farakkhan. How do you explain that?
We currently have a president who uses the IRS against enemies, violates the constitution, is not fond the the U.S., and divides the country into factious hate groups. At this point, the bacteria living in a blow fly feeding off a dead rabbit would be an improvement.
I remember Larry King saying conservatism was dead in 1992.
He has strong support among Democrats and minorities. If he gets the nomination, he will probably be president.
I mean this in the very nicest way, but we will never forgive the Left and the civil rights industry for the shameful lying and defamation against Judge Bork. Maybe in 400 years Democrat nominees will get a fair shake.
So you don't like Hispanics.
I think the term "cut-throat" wasn't meant to be literal. Plus, the Clinton operatives don't use knives.
Harry Reid wrote an op-ed in WaPo lecturing the GOP about obstructionism. And no. I didn't make that up.
This would be a smart pick for Obama.He can stir up racial strife and dust off the War on Women posters to get the votes out for Hillary.
CRUZ 2016!
New Posts  All Forums: