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CE is getting boring w/o prodigious threadstarters FLMM and AF stepping up to the plate. If I have to take up the slack we'll be talking about men in goat suits. At least I will.
Forearm plates at $500 per is a steal.
in stitches is a genius.
New mods . . . Have you considered the fact that you'd be more protected as a group? Consider joining my new United Mods of America Union. Dues are only $25 per year.
Not out of the question . . .It looks like he's randomly channelling 14 year old gangsta tweets
Is Bhowie trying to get banned? He's gone crazy in DT, making it dumber than usual.
Ignore-ance is bliss.
My thesis is very politically charged, so I'm going to take it to CE rather than derail this thread.
That's one part of it, yes.
New Posts  All Forums: