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"Hating" is dog whistle for due diligence.
The Constitution doesn't pose any problems. If there is a federal law prohibiting discrimination in immigration policy, then my policy would certainly be in the spirit of that law, given the tens of millions of "other," "brown people," non-Christians, and Democrats that have poured into the U.S. since 1965.
THIS . . . is CNN.
A good start. I would add a religious test and questions that predict alignment with American values (meaning "not future Democrats, freeloaders, or RINOs").
There is a thread on Obama's pardons that will probably light up during Thanksgiving or Christmas. We're predicting which murderers or hippie terrorists are going to be set free.
We can control who comes into our country. "We" (meaning the tiny percentage of greedy corporations and leftist race hustlers and haters that control the nation) just don't want to.I have always advocated converting these people to Christianity. There is a reason migrants are risking life and limb to escape their homelands (homesland.)
During prohibition, people died of methanol poisoning.
We should copy the gun laws of France to end these nightclub murders.
"Racist" and "bigotry" are dog whistles for hard data.
New Posts  All Forums: