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Henry Rollins. Not metal.
Is that kid Gretzky?
Most likely would hit.
I delete my emails. Because I'm not required by federal law to store them on a secured server.Hillary and her flying monkeys will be feeding the media all kinds of smoking guns about Trump. Here's the problem ... Trump is a mess, but he's not Hillary.There is a banana peel rotting in my outside garbage can. Its summer, and the banana peel if festering with rot and filth. I would vote for that rancid, gooey, rotting banana peel over Hillary Clinton. Without hesitation. ...
Great timing as always.Waiting for Malcolm X to replace George Washington on the $1 bill.
So its true? White male gun owners are the real killers?
And at the center of American intellectual evolution is the university.
Hey man, who's been watching Bill Maher?
Yoda was not as wise as he's cracked up to be. He made mistakes. Many, many mistakes. A disaster.
New Posts  All Forums: