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Marry foreigners. American girls are raised to expect everything whenever they want it. "You can have it ALL!", "soul mates", etc.
Artisan Fan should be given moderator status. He's put in the time and deserves power. CE is like a flat soft drink without him.
SPAM - Roofing contractor spamming in General Chat. Doesn't he know that 94 percent of SFers live in condos?
Great link . . .
Hmm, thought this was Vox's Nice thread. Must've taken a wrong turn at Albakoiky.
CE is struggling without AF. I was gone for about 4 days, but I'm back now so y'all can all stop worrying.
Everyone here is a perfect TEN in my book!
North Korean Press -- The capitalists are donkeys with Gold medals given by rotting monarchy kings and queens as the babies cry about their clown life
Seersucker, black and white specs, and a smile
So Vox is no longer Vox? He's now the Cordoba guy?
New Posts  All Forums: