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Agree on the second point.Trump has his place; his personal glory and entertainment outweighs his need to be part of the D.C./Wall Street power circuit.
Riots tonight? or is everyone tuckered out.
Please use trigger warnings in the future. "Her husband", "she", "he". You should know better.
Frank Underwood murdered people. Just like the Clintons.
Benghazi - 13 Hours. Hillary should be played by Jane Fonda.
I think Jennifer Lawrence just needs some good huggin'
When I see whiny videos complaining about how evil I am, selling black bodies ala tenateetsi coats, campus raping with language, thought crime, and white privilege, I feel like the emperor of ice cream. Bow before me!
How will we topple Obama?
Regime change? The M.E. needs its dictators. Its how they work. Democracy is a huge mistake in the M.E.
"Closing the internet." He's hilarious.
New Posts  All Forums: