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We can control who comes into our country. "We" (meaning the tiny percentage of greedy corporations and leftist race hustlers and haters that control the nation) just don't want to.I have always advocated converting these people to Christianity. There is a reason migrants are risking life and limb to escape their homelands (homesland.)
During prohibition, people died of methanol poisoning.
We should copy the gun laws of France to end these nightclub murders.
"Racist" and "bigotry" are dog whistles for hard data.
The Clintons are very shrewd businessmen.Presidential pardons: $1mLincoln Bedroom rental: $100,000 per nightNuclear material: $20mControl by ChiComs: $500,000
Zuckerberg called facebook users idiots. He's right. Google is creating portfolios on our searches, interests, photos, and underwear. EVIL. Use Duck Duck Go. Its worth it to not sell your soul to the Russian terrorists that run google.
Trump may be a meglomaniacal narcissist who will start a nuclear war, but he has two things going for him: 1. The wall 2. He's not Hillary
Our experts are imbeciles, as are the Hope and Change voters who elected them.
Wow. But for our progressive Bernie Sanders friends, its better to feel good about oneself than to actually help others.
Plato's "philosopher king" was always a sad joke. Too bad the supposedly most modern among us still believe in the rule of the expert.
New Posts  All Forums: