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CE is struggling without AF. I was gone for about 4 days, but I'm back now so y'all can all stop worrying.
Everyone here is a perfect TEN in my book!
North Korean Press -- The capitalists are donkeys with Gold medals given by rotting monarchy kings and queens as the babies cry about their clown life
Seersucker, black and white specs, and a smile
So Vox is no longer Vox? He's now the Cordoba guy?
CE is getting boring w/o prodigious threadstarters FLMM and AF stepping up to the plate. If I have to take up the slack we'll be talking about men in goat suits. At least I will.
Forearm plates at $500 per is a steal.
in stitches is a genius.
New mods . . . Have you considered the fact that you'd be more protected as a group? Consider joining my new United Mods of America Union. Dues are only $25 per year.
Not out of the question . . .It looks like he's randomly channelling 14 year old gangsta tweets
New Posts  All Forums: