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Whatever became of Jackie Treehorn? Was he a pupsocket?
Looks like an "open carry" movement guy. They should sit this one out because its not helping at all. Alternatively, it could be an Alinskyesque move by a gun control proponent.
Alicia Keyes is singing the Mastercard commercial on Peoples Choice Award.
Javyn should be allowed back in CE in my humble opinion. The fact that bhowie is in timeout means the world's magnetic fields remain aligned. I like blueberry pancakes. Does the cute vampire lady from Underworld get naked in Total Recall?
In with first ever post of new SF look.
Starting a petition for forum to secede from idnfl's avatar.
I'd lose a nice pen. I keep my nice pens in a wooden box. Where they never see the light of day.
Please regale your OP with tales of not caring. I realize that this thread may soon be delegated to, and defiled in, DT. But I saw an interview with Arnold Schwarzegger last night, and he talked about how he never thought about business failures. Lose a million? Move on. This is a great skill in this fight/flight world. The ability to calmly "carry on" (to quote a current meme) seems like a superpower. And that's before we start talking about women. There is a cute,...
I recall that Hitler liked to pit these groups against each other, like the Night of Long Knives, where the brownshirts were set up and killed. This may work when trying to reach the top, Machiavelli style, but chaos among the ranks doesn't work in war. The 3rd Reich could probably be instructive in business courses and organizational courses, as a "how not to", but the subject is so charged . . .
Inglorious Bastards was on TV last night. It made me curious about how the German military interacted with the paramilitary branches, such as the SS. I don't see how a large industrial nation could operate functionally with two or three competing organizations. The Allies had military branches, but paramilitary organizations didn't play a role. If an SS major encounters an Army colonel, would the ranks hold? Or would the SS guy have the edge because of its more...
New Posts  All Forums: