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Are you referring to anti-Semitism?
The first generation Moslems hold anti-American views. A nice hate platform for the kids.
Loking firwoord to la national aba future. We have electrolytes.
Ridiculous. I'm fair and balanced and always looking out for you. Don't be a poltroon.
The rule of law replaced by mob rule.
The Chamber of Commerce GOP and the Bush family have won Saul Alinksy's war for him. Demographics is destiny. The numbers have been overwhelming, and we encourage "diversity." Diversity is weakness. Diversity is us vs. them. Diversity is this . . .(the corpse is the American experiment, the vultures are the special interest race groups)
We need to convert the islams to Christianity.
Yes, we know he is an America-hating do-nothing Communist clean and articulate community organizer raised by Marxist Indonesian dog-eating anti-colonial hippie terrorists, but that's academic at this point.I think he decided on this "workplace violence" meme thinking he was clever, and he's not smart enough to realize he was wrong. Or else he is too narcissistic to admit he's wrong and weak.
I think the NRA is going to not support this idea because of the Nixonian tactics of Obama and Clinton. The IRS scandal, leaking tax information of enemies, Fast and Furious, just to name a few precedents. The NRA may play along knowing that Obama will never agree to due process rights for the no-fly list, and then blame Obama for the lack of any progress. Obama would be left trying to explain why he won't afford due process. The NRA can then say, "every time we try, we...
There is audio of the shots. Bam . Bam Bam. Bam.not ratatatatataattatattatatatatattaatatattattatata
New Posts  All Forums: