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I think you're all very special people. No Reply Necessary.
Lindsey Lohan Gloria Alred Madonna
It has made you much more cute and fluffy, FWIW.
Now its the millennials who are taking on the boomers. http://www.quickmeme.com/Old-Economy-Steven/?upcoming
Can you time out Piob for changing his avatar? Unconscionable. My sense of direction has been thrown off.
I flew to CLT as soon as I heard, but you were gone. I took a photo of your bar stool, though. And I saved your glass. (DNA so I can make a clone of you.)
There are threads and posts that are focusing on the elimination of human waste. Coprophilia? i think its called? I realize its DT, but really, that stuff needs to go on ALT.net or MTV. I'll flag if I see it.
DT is once again beginning to resemble a public toilet. Its too ewwww. Please apply mod-Clorox and make the world a better place.
I'm now a 4,000 post poster. This places me in an elite class of SF posters. Please be governed accordingly. Note to mods: Please submit offers for moderator-ship in triplicate and in blue ink.
Its pretty dull in there right now. I think its Spring Fever or something. The infernal Trayvon thread is still clanking and clunking around.CE started to get bad as soon as I started amping up my effort to improve it by posting prolifically.In fact, come to think of it, it started to suck almost to the day that I started posting actively.
New Posts  All Forums: