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My post was more about the young people, not so much me.Think of how things might be different if Dylan Klebold and that other guy knew how to handle bullies and how to project confidence.
Knowing how to fight if necessary to defend yourself or loved ones makes one more confident. Confident people walk with a certain swagger. This means more ladies will ask you to hold their hand.
First, observations: 1. Asian martial arts rely too much on magic 2. Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do is a mix of all styles, and no styles, to perfect a fighting method. He is the true father of MMA. 3. Boxing is very effective, but lacks leg strikes 4. MMA fails to address weapons 5. MMA fails to address multiple opponents My thesis: A mix of karate/TKD (for legwork and multiple opponents), boxing (for evasion, footwork, stamina, and striking), and Hapkidoor Jiu Jitsu...
SirReveller has a sockpuppet named BrooksLauren77. Or vice versa.
Nothing gets by you, does it?
I've taken GDL off of the aux. server, so he won't be able to access FL-RAM files for a few days.
Clemson and UCLA. And Stanford. Ones to watch . . . .
Confirm IDLang. identifier: British Isles
Forget Israel and Iran. From what I've seen, the hate between FSU and UF is as intense as any hate in the world.
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