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If they want origin stories, go to the Mandalorians, the original Sith, the Old Republic, Darth Reven, etc.
Lucas is tracking the pre-CGI remakes and the Christmas special across the galaxy and destroying them. Call it Order 1977.
With some makeup and a little CGI, Harrison Ford can play Han Solo in the Solo prequels.
I'd rather see a movie about Darth Plaugeius (sp?) the Wise.
He took a slice to the spine. He will be paralyzed. His character will survive, but he will wheel around like the first Davros of Doctor Who fame.
Star Wars has camp embedded in its DNA. If you look at the movies Lucas borrowed from, one should be prepared for an adventure story. I enjoyed trade disputes, federations, and the like, because you can't always have whipped cream. I like the new movie because they let us see the Sith early on. No waiting around. The Dark Side is always more interesting and compelling from a movie watching perspective. Solo, the Milennium Falcon, fat guys in X wing fighters . . . that...
I enjoyed the politics in the first series. The politics laid the groundwork for Palpatine's genius. He pulled off an incredible coup, culminating in Order 66.
Was Coruscant blown up in this movie? Remember when a bunch of planets got exploded? I was in disbelief that the jedi temple and the senate were destroyed. Did I misinterpret that?
I think it makes sense, because I took it as more of, "don't forget we've also got Leia."
The only complaints I have: 1. FN287 and Rey should not be able to last more than a minute against a Sith in training, even if he is injured. 2. Rey is portrayed as a good guy, yet she has a British accent. Everyone knows the good guys are American. Maybe they'll turn her to the dark side and fix this. 3. I don't think Sidious gets enough credit in these movies. He was a mastermind and truly on team Sith, yet Vader gets all the credit for Sith successes.
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