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A calculated career move, as jcman suggests. WWE wrestler John Cena is now the transgender multi-culti muscleman who can look forward to a career in music videos, made for TV movies, and MSNBC appearances. Interesting that the loudest critics of the evil racist U.S. seem to be light skinned or mixed race blacks. Perhaps its a compulsion to show "true" blackness, to wash the high-yellow epithets off, to vent the anger of not belonging in either world.
A pardon for every black person incarcerated in the U.S. A new national historical monument to OJ Simpson.
Shapiro's absence will leave an opening for a left wing speaker or social justice warrior.Students at DePaul now have the opportunity to hear ideas from the left wing side of the political spectrum.
The WikiLeaks emails must be sending the Dems into a panic behind the scenes. If they find an email where Hillary offered policy changes for money, the media will have to work hard to keep her safe.
A small price to pay to launch the career of an eager race entrepreneur.
We're not sure which side its on. Reports indicate its Germans, but either way the immigration in Germany is boiling over.
Witnesses should exercise more caution in calling in reports. When cops here "Man with Gun," their brains shift into another mode. More adrenaline, more "action joe" posing, more drama, more excitement. I think* he had his finger on the trigger, had not been to the range in months, and probably pulled the trigger accidentally when turning to look or when changing position. Accidental; second degree negligent legocide *to wildly speculate based on deductive reasoning...
I saw some footage, but not the shooting. Based on the circumstances, the only way this could be "justified" is if the cop accidentally fired. Maybe he didn't know to keep his finger off the trigger. Again, I didn't see the shooting, so I'm just making crap up until we can learn more. I'd be a great journalist.
Its much more likely that he made the mistake Marco Rubio made with immigration. I was the most vociferous Cruz supporter I knew, and yet I what I saw was a politician more interested in his own career than in the country. Future judicial appointments, massive debt, immigration mayhem. He's fine letting us live for four years under Clinton. He's fine breaking his pledge. He had a moment to shine and he choked. As Rubio learned, we don't forget.**If he is the nominee next...
New Posts  All Forums: