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He seems like a genuine fellow to me, even though he probably views raw sheep liver as a fine dessert.
'Wah yoo prammlin' on der abou?
I'll buy from them when they release "Cruz Cream Crunch" and "Trumpalicious Toffee"
Mods, I'm starting a petition to get Funny Picture of the Day moved out of DT and into General Chat. Help us out, please.
Remember, Star Wars occurred a long time ago, and there was a great deal of social pressure back then.
But we are all waiting on you.
BBC's Thorne series is shoddy.
The days of the internet and satellites are numbered. The wise are learning how to dress game and how to make fire.
Up to now, releases were always in May. November became the LOTR and Potter release month. December 18 was a good time to catch a movie, as work slows down for most people
Despecialized? I'll look into this. Is this a reference to the original version?
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