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[Moderator Privilege, Power Dynamic and Control, Scolding, Microaggressive Reminders of Purpose of Thread]I'm calling out the mods for not taking HarFo's concern seriously. We don't feel like our voices are being heard. Check your mod privileges.
I sure hope JJ Abrams leaves his craziness out of the movie. Make it pure. I don't want to see a scene where a rebel says "My hands are up, don't shoot." I've seen trailers with Mark Hamill, maybe a year ago. What's up with the Where's Mark thing? A gimmick?
We'll have to have a Hilltop / Saviors storyline first..Glenn is under the dumpster. he can scoot under the chain link fence to make is excape.
I've never shot a mini14, but they have always held a dear place in my heart. They seem so utilitarian. Defense, snakes, mid-range circling of the wagons, general utility.
Welcome to all the recent newcomers. I'm the greeter of sorts around here. We look forward to your contributions to the forum.
Thanks for sharing that amazing post, Mulan. More proof that the internet has jumped the shark.
Its not that dangerous if you water it down.
^^ Are those giants CGI or huge models? They look very realistic.
patrickBooth always focused on the pelvic parts he should get out more
I rest in a chairmade of leather used oftwhat shall I use then?
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