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Not much there, there.Only a private server set up in violation of law to hide Clinton's bribes.Ignored pleas from the ambassador for security.A cover up by the State Department to conceal emails.Lying to families of the dead.Repeated lies to the media about erasing data (ala post-Vince Foster file purging by fixer Cheryl Mills)With Clinton, its hard to keep track.
This is a sad statistic. I wonder whether Obama and Clinton appreciate the role of firearms manufacturers here. Producing firearms designed to be shot sideways is a start. And a $250 million investment in inner city Chicago, care of the Jesse Jackson / Barack Obama Young Marksman Training Center, would also help.
I oppose the leftist gay agenda but that is =/= beheading or throwing people off of buildings. That said, the best thing homosexuals could do is vote for Trump. As Milo said in the tape, the problem with putting radical Moslems at the top of the SJW victim hierarchy is that they want to kill everyone else on the list.
Bush's error was believing that freedom and democracy translate worldwide. He grossly underestimated Islam and irreconcilable cultural differences.
Three words:Peace Prize.
What I interesting is that the politically impure here in America are haters and bigots, but those who throw gays off of buildings are A-OK with you.Social Justice Warriors and Islamic terrorists are kindred spirits.
You're triggering me.
We force Canadians to drop the English "u".
Racist is dogwhistle for Honeycomb cereal. Moslems will never embrace the Dhimmi. And the Euro-dhimmi will never embrace their imported serfs. Ask the American Indian whether diversity made them stronger.
Start at 12:40
New Posts  All Forums: