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Thanks for the incredibly quick reply, looks like I will be buying a pair . Thanks again
I have a question about katahdin boots. Are the katahdin boots on the LL Bean website the same katahdin boots seen here? Here's the comparison of the site picture and one from google images. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/49464...engineer-boots I like the "smooth" look of the second picture, are they the same boots just buffed with some product? Thanks for any help guys, you could be making or breaking me buying these boots
Hey guys, Need help IDing some shoes. Anyone know what these are?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man So, I assume that Hugo Boss outlet stores never had sales on Holiday season neither? In my experience, no, but keep in mind, Hugo Boss isn't somewhere I stop in every week. It's more of a once every once in a while type of thing. As far as I can recall, no the outlet stores don't have sales.
Nordstroms occasionally has sales on Hugo Boss but as for stores I've never seen one(a good one anyways). I can't recall ever seeing a sale at all. Also, I live close to one of their "outlet/factory" stores which could possibly make the brand/fit perfect for a good price and they're pricing is actually more expensive or equal to the department store. For example, the SAME exact shirt was 115$ at the Factory Store and only 95$ at Nordstroms(not on sale). On top of that,...
You guys aren't very helpful... And don't read very well...
No it's my laundry room/dog washing room so when my dog shakes off it gets everywhere
Hey guys, just got my first shirt from moderntailor(black test shirt) and I want some advice before I order another. Here's some pictures of the shirt, gamma'd up to show the folding on how tight it is. I pretty much cannot raise my arm higher than what it is in the picture and check(more particularly the back/shoulders) are extremely tight. Moving my hands forward pulls the shirt up and I have additional room at the top of my shoulders. What measurements...
Nordstrom Hugo Boss slim fit might work for you, or like the previous poster said, Brooks Brother slim/extra slim(depending on your body type)
I like paisley, though it has to be warn cautiously. Mixed with other patterns and it can quickly become a mess.
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