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Left is single knee slit from this spring and right is trashed fw15
My d02s - not bad for starting last year. Got the black single knee rips coming and then I hope I'm done.
@bawlin I pre-ordered them but they seem to be a much later arrival
Sizing is very flexible on qasas. I personally have pairs .5 down, true, and .5 size up - true to size is best fit but they all are fine.
Women's pod shorts work well too
yeah and a lot of stock photos online fit like that too bc of sizing
My pair had the mirrored logo on the soles. Fakes are out there so yeah I would just avoid. Toebox looks off but there are some versions that had the flattened toebox and were legit.
My qasa look better with prisoners and memphis jeans compared to shorts/pods.
There is a 48 on rakuten but I wouldn't pay that much for a used jacket.
I've had 2 pairs of black jeans hemmed - sometimes I just want a clean look but it's crazy how long this talk has been going I really want a 3 passant belt in brown I love my black one. I thought there was a women's version in brown with gold hardware but I may be mistaken. I'd want silver hardware anyway
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