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Weird seeing yourself pop up in an inspo album when you never post pics lol @needhelp123 drkshdw stuff won't have rick owens signature + collection on those tags
I've been doing it and it looks fine. I used to be concerned about matching my belt to shoes but fuck it - it's definitely a great pick up, gets lots of compliments whether I'm wearing it with jeans or a suitcigarettes
Anyone know a shop with the pearl shearling geo leather jacket in a 46?
I wear 28 and a 85 is perfect on me - hits at the 3rd hole with jeans and 4th with suit pants
For the raw hem, the ones with the campaign photo in the bed are from spring and are looser than the new ones for fall. I forget what they were either d01 or d10 but I tried a 27 which was big and the leg opening was much too big prob around 7" - I normally take a 28
knock offs are cheap
Left is single knee slit from this spring and right is trashed fw15
My d02s - not bad for starting last year. Got the black single knee rips coming and then I hope I'm done.
@bawlin I pre-ordered them but they seem to be a much later arrival
Sizing is very flexible on qasas. I personally have pairs .5 down, true, and .5 size up - true to size is best fit but they all are fine.
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