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Is the red Nashville with snaps available anywhere online anymore?
Invoice doesn't mean anything to me when you can buy a real one and a fake one to sell a fake online.
I recommend getting shoes that fit if you plan on wearing them.
I was wondering the same with that flannel. Also, anyone check the NY boutiques for fall arrivals? My SA said just shirts last I spoke to them. I want to see outerwear and footwear.
There is no toecap.
Yes from my experience.
Bought this from ss_ipod on another site. His info and pics below. Open to offers but ignoring any lowballs. Rick Owens nods to traditional aviation uniform with this Flight Blister bomber jacket. Crafted from super soft lamb's leather with silver-tone metal hardware and a zipped sleeve pocket, it’s a sleek piece with an urban edge. PRODUCT DETAILS: Manufacturer ID# RU14S1791-LB Size: 46IT / 36US Measurements: full length 74cm shoulder to shoulder 44cm (from stitch to...
You click the button that says view archived orders if you have older orders on record.
I guess was a silly question. I didn't know if people were sizing up on them as well. I usually wear the smallest sizes so wouldn't be able to size down anyway.
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