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yeah that Dior denim jacket is sick
Where to find these jeans from Neiman Marcus in smaller sizes? Also why are the over $1k?
@AB77 They're sweatpants this season, much worse than last season's denim version.
This is about a year of constant wear on those chelsea boots with my suits for work. I get caught in the rain and snow frequently but don't baby them - I'll just brush them after I wear them in bad weather. They still get compliments all day long. Thinking of getting a backup pair for when they eventually are done for good.
That jacket was all over the outlets I forget the price though. Pretty much you're gonna have to pay what people are asking at this point if you really want it.
I think Burberry outerwear is still a great option that goes with Hedi's look.
This junk is nothing compared to Gucci
ssense paid way less than 800 wholesale for the jacket...
No runway show for SL scheduled for fall 17??
take pictures and it'll sell pretty fast because that seems like a really good deal
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