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I just got a pair in today and did not like them at all. They are stiff but probably loosen a lot after wear since they are quite thin. I went TTS with 28 and will be returning them tomorrow.Also, went to the boutique today on 57th street and picked up the Nashville shirt plus some French 85 chelseas. They are comfortable but I'm not great walking in them yet. Went with a 42, I take 41 in all of the 45mm boots.
The mid waisted jeans are $590, low-rise are $470. I see $470 US for those on ssense I don't know where you're getting $320.
A lot of people opt to get some protection on the soles but it's normal. I just let them get beat up I prefer it like that.
Is the red Nashville with snaps available anywhere online anymore?
Invoice doesn't mean anything to me when you can buy a real one and a fake one to sell a fake online.
I recommend getting shoes that fit if you plan on wearing them.
I was wondering the same with that flannel. Also, anyone check the NY boutiques for fall arrivals? My SA said just shirts last I spoke to them. I want to see outerwear and footwear.
There is no toecap.
Yes from my experience.
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