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Alright was just worried they might have cancelled my order since the page was hidden the whole time on the us site
Anyone pre-order the tan chelsea boots off ysl.com and get a shipped notification yet?
i'm not a fan of the super skinny feminine belts or the western ones by slp but guarantee i can find a 3 passant in your size somewhere if that's what you want
thanks was looking for these but they weren't showing up on the us sitepre-ordered a pair now I'm done with boots for a while
I lay mine out flat to dry instead of hang dry
I've never tried thrift/vintage stuff bc I find it hard to believe stuff is going to fit me as well as SL off the rack being a 44 top 28 jeans
those are the spring 15 raw hems?
they are on saks
Yeah those pants are definitely fake just from looking at tag and drawstring
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