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I have the skinny white jeans from this spring. They get dirty as easily as any other white jeans.
75 racks
@therattler thanks, pre-ordered a 3 passant finally @SaintLaurent very cropped
they are still going to milk the msrp...
The coats would cost $5000-10000 if real fur
This shouldn't shock you at all if you've been following Hedi's work at slp
It was probably posted back when we first saw the show but it's a reference to a ysl rive gauche print. I don't think most people wearing slp would even get that unless they're total fucking nerds like we are. I would probably get a shirt with that print if there's going to be one Not a fan of the dylan boots myself
Fall pre-orders up at Barneys. Faux-fur stuff already gone in some sizes.
It comes down to what specific pairs because they don't all fit the same but as far as like standard black d02 lw I've stayed the same size.
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