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@bawlin same 2 pieces i like, will try those jeans but would prefer more distressing near the hem
thats because they are wyatts
40mm chelseas are my daily beaters with my suits for work, something looks off about jodhpurs with a suit if your pants are on the shorter side.
someone probably tried on two pairs and they got put back in the wrong boxes its not outlandish
they are d02, just look at the measurements they are 15 cm
you def need xs
Anyone ever cut the harness off of a pair of wyatts before? I figure it should be pretty easy job for a cobbler
I see $4000 lizard geobaskets and then $3300 louboutins but there's probably some stuff that just isn't as widely available I can't think of atm
whats the deal with all these abominations i'm seeing now
I wear my tan suede chelseas to work almost daily and they've held up fine considering how frequently I get caught in the rain. If you're going for the brand new super fresh look then buy them and never put them on.
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