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Thanks guys, that pic of me is with the 85 chelseas btw. Pants are 17 cm and if they were any skinnier they wouldn't be able to fit over the buckle on my jodhpurs. I think the reason they look off with the jodhpurs is that the leg opening hugs the boot to where it is hard to differentiate where the pants stop and boots end making me look shorter. Edit: Actually tightening them all the way gives some space between the pants and boots now they look much better - very...
No idea who eddy cue is
Ok so I got in the tall jodhpurs in black leather + suede. The suede ones were impossible to get past the first notch on the buckle, seems like the straps are a lot thicker. My cigar ones were never like that even brand new. I managed to rub off a bunch of skin on my finger just trying to buckle them. Anyone else experience these suede ones yet? Don't see myself reaching for these over the black leather or my brown suedes so returning those. Also wasn't feeling the...
Thanks to whoever returned the khaki western shirt in xs to ssense. Someone sell me snap button shirts I don't have in xs/37 I'll pay well. Particularly want this color badly
hehe @onlyslp You wear a 27 in SL jeans or what? I wear 28 most of the time in SL and am at 2nd hole on size 80 and around 4th hole on size 85. I took the 85 because I like a little extra hanging off.
I'm regretting not getting more shirts from ss16 - the fall stuff is looking like pieces I have or just wouldn't wear. For everything besides tops though I'm at the point where I feel satisfied with what I have will last me a while.
Regular calf leather or suede black tall jodhpurs to wear with a suit at work? Ordered both but would like to hear thoughts
I took my size, there's one up on yoox - fits pretty similar to mine. http://www.yoox.com/us/41613880TG/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41613880TG&sizeId=2
@Gustave I have one of the older blistered leather bombers - mine is same as the one on Mr Porter. The body is long enough to reach my wrist and sleeves are super long. I haven't seen any that are like the jumbo long bombers though.
Yeah thanks guys that's what I thought. It still looks a little odd to me when the jacket is closed but I love it open - might just never button it. I always get my sleeves shortened to show just about 1/4" of my shirt cuff and never wear a watch. I don't work in a very conservative place anyway so I shouldn't worry anyway
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