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Nike Flyknit Trainer+ Neo-Turquoise/White/Grey Size 9 Message me with any questions.
a fucking ribbon lace?
Sizing on the qasa is pretty flexible due to the material. I'm a true 8.5 and I have the og qasa high in 8.5 and leather rick adidas in 9.5 for example
the cotton-cashmere cardigans don't pill and i like how they fit unbuttoned
its the 20th anniversary of the shoe and they are releasing tons of collabs this year they weren't trying to make something original
If the mistake was on their end and they weren't to the length you requested you can get a new pair. Their customer service is usually good you may just have to talk to the manager.
mens legging jeans are very very stretchy
That's a negative?
I think they look great when they are all laced up but for $600+ or whatever there are so many options out there.
Those don't stretch much.
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