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lusiaviaroma had coated 15.5 in 26 on sale
It fits pretty loose and looooong. He got his shortened I think
I got a pair and paid retail. They are uncomfortable at first considering I've never worn anything with a heel like thatMy friends like to continuously point out I wear woman's shoes nowSome nights I just want to hover around 6'3" it was an impulse purchaseI wear a 41 in all my SL boots and needed a 42 in these just fyi
I wouldn't try it especially if there's any chance you might sell it down the road
I got them at the flagship in midtown. They had the same pair on display still when I went in to get some fall stuff in August. There's a pic of mine quoted right above my post.
I got my pair of wyatts in nut back in spring this year and they are the same color as the bottom pic.
What was the price before they fixed it? I think I'm just going to start proxying everything from EU the prices here are nutty.
I tried the same pair but didn't like how the rips lined up on me at 5'11". Been trying to find a pair of knee blowouts in a 28/29 but no luck yet.
I think he was just saying why bother with SL leathers when the pricing is comparable to CCP which is silly anyway
I prefer the slimmer zippers on boots.
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