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Both gorgeous! Jungle is that a wine red or more of a brown hue?
Ah, the real thing, even better! I did find a site with lots of nice reproductions of men's fashion adds: http://www.allposters.com/-st/Men-s-Fashion-Vintage-Art-Posters_c54737_p1_.htm
I like this, I still have a wall in desperate need of some decoration, any particular site for these posters/prints or just frantic googling?
I agree that the end result may come very close, and don't get me wrong, very satisfied with what Luxire made me.I'm specifically referring to the process, regardless of outcome. If it was phrased "results close to bespoke", I think we would be much more in agreeance. I just think a bit of clarity is beneficial for those newly venturing into this world.To make an analogy to my profession: filling out an online questionnaire vs a face to face consult. The latter offers a...
Well, MTM+ if you insist, but nowhere near bespoke.
Let's be very clear in this respect, this is MTM: the client supplies a limited number of measurements and some customization options. In a bespoke process the client has many measurements taken by an experienced tailor, taking into account the unevitable asymmetries etc. It is also a two-way proces where a client's wishes are matched to a particular tailor's house style. Complex bespoke projects often require multiple fittings. All in all, MTM and bespoke are two quite...
I wear braces with most of my SS suits, works fine enough. My older Washington has quite a high rise, btw.
I've had my share of no shine days, it sometimes feels as if the indoor climate is not conducive, perhaps too humid or warm. I had massive problems getting a proper shine on a number of shoes 3 weeks ago. A couple of weeks later and a considerable temperature drop and everything buffs just fine.
Pretty kid, pretty tie, good on ya!
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