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After my first attempt at a Luxire shirt went awry, measurements issues, I have some time now to adjust the measurements. Unfortunately I have lost the original measurements, and I can't find these via my account on the Luxire site (might be a nice addition). Can Luxire retrieve the measurements? order# 5211. Cheers, Gaspard
A short review of my order; #5211, a shirt in White Sky Graph Checks. I've had decent experiences with Modern Tailor but wanted to try Luxire too. The fabric is nice, it's a soft, not too thin cloth that irons well, the stitching is precise and consistent. The semi spread collar is high, 2", about 0,5"taller than most of my other shirts. There are issues with the sizing, even after 3 washings most measurements still turn out 1/4 to 1/2" too big, especially noticable on...
Just arrived from Herring Shoes; Henley II. I will be wearing them for swing dancing mostly, they will have their maiden voyage soon!
Ah thanks, quite exotic for european mainland then..too bad!
Deetz on the boots please, they're gorgeous!
Bam ?? Damn!I really like those. The Carmina site didn't list these last time I checked. Where did you get these if I may ask?
Not sure if serious? Do some homework, look around, surely you must have a vague notion of what you're aiming for. Perhaps a few celebrities whose style you admire. (If you say Christiano Ronaldo you're out btw). We need to have a starting point: height, weight and build are the very least.
What's with the eye-patches??
I like it, I wouldn't mind the jacket a tad longer with a slightly lower buttoning point. The fabric I like, the patch pockets too. I feel the strongly roped shoulders are too much 'powerdressing' for a casual suit. The briefcase is ace btw
. Edited after reading end of thread.
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