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Don't even consider buying one of those blazers. They're made of polyester, and cut for middle-aged overweight men. A decent sport coat will easily consume your entire $400 budget, unless you get lucky on e-bay or the FS forum here. And you don't want to spend a single dollar on anything less than decent, trust me.A sturdy, 100% wool blazer will last you for decades, but right now you can't afford one and really don't need one. Focus on high quality, well-fitting...
I feel the same way. I wear polo's for grillng, boating, yard work, etc. I buy them by the dozen, and throw them out regularly. The $15 version from Target or sporting goods stores lasts just as long and fits me better (I don't like the skin-tight modern cut).
imo you'd be better served by spending your $400 on a selection of quality button-down oxfords and a few pairs of nice jeans, rather than a single outfit. Are you going to wear the exact same thing to church every weekend? You really don't need a blazer for college. All you need to do is elevate your dress one step above your peers. If you're dressing better than the professors everyone will assume you're an asshole.
I like Zippos, because they seem to be worth about what they cost. $20 gets you a heavy little hunk of metal, with a little bit of color or design if you want. I don't care how svelte these new Dupont electronic lighters are, I can't justify $150 for one. They're functionally identical to the $5 version at every gas station, and probably cost about as much to make. Now a vintage tiffany or dunhill with a patina and story to tell might be worth it.
It's all about the Bunk
*shrug* powdered wigs are totally classic too, but you won't find me in one. I find them as distasteful and effeminate as pink shirts
I'm with you on that. My wife keeps trying to buy me pink dress shirts and polos, and I flat out refuse. I don't care how trendy it is, pink's for girls
You can walk into any store in the country and buy a 6 pack of Hanes cotton v-neck undershirts for $12. This is not a difficult problem to solve.
I'm no tailer, but it really looks like the pants are way too large. Like they took the pattern for a 36 and just nipped the waist down to a 32 (or whatever you measured at). Your thighs and ass are swimming in them :-(
you have to know what you're looking for. Do you want cotton or wool? If "like Dockers" means "made of cotton" then you won't be happy with Inco or Mabitex trousers either. In my mind a proper pair of dress slacks is made from wool. JCrew should have options, but watch out for inexpensive wool/poly blended fabrics. Otherwise, Brooks Bros has different cuts and styles of wool slacks. There should be something you can work with.
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