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Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI What about the whole t things people have done in the past may slightly define character veiwpoint? Is she a bitch just because she has slept with many men?! Either you love her or not. If yes, stop thinking about it because if anything will ruin the relationship, it will not be her past, but your immature behavior and fear.
You didn't ruin the relationship, you just fucked up your own calm. If you're insecure in this field (and rarely a young guy isn't) NEVER ask her anything about her past. It's better to be uninformed than to lose sleep because of that. I paid a lot to learn this lesson. Now it will stay on your mind for a long time, bet on it. But after some time, you'll forget about that. Her past is her past, don't dig into it. It's actually better that she has a lot of experience, she...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Stop being so fussy. Either you live with clothes or you put them in a museum. I don't bother washing sneakers, my MMM all white GAT are now somewhat reddish from west african earth. +1 I'd smudge them a little all around. Shiny new sneakers never look cool anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by BigPoppa That is dyed hair, and I don't think it looks unnatural. Do you? I'm not saying it looks bad, I just think there's nothing wrong with having grey hair. I prefer a natural look anytime, it looks more manly and mature to me. Think George Clooney. So I'd go for a short cut. But that's just my opinion.
Don't dye your hair. You won't look younger, you'll only look like a man with dyed hair .
I used Kenzo pour Homme for a long time, then two Calvin Kleins, Gucci Envy (fabulous, loved it) and now Dior Homme. Women adore it. BTW - anyone tried this? There's a long article about these weird perfumes in the last GQ.
I also listen to too wide a spectrum of bands and artists, so no.. However, it may be fun to dress differently each day, according to music I've listened.. Monday oldschool grunge (Kurt Cobain), Tuesday '69 Bob Dylan, next day Miles Davis, on Thursday the ever-stylish Serge Gainsbourg and top it on Friday night with Dead Kennedys.. I'm just not sure how to fit the ocassional Wangnerian opera into it..
Any tips how to make DM boots look more vintage faster? (Yeah, sure, wear them a lot. ) I've got the cappers in oxblood and they're great, but still too shiny and new-looking. I've polished them partially with black shoecream and that helped a lot. Any suggestions?
Hi, is here anyone who did any vocal training in the past? I do some public speaking and would like to improve the sound of my voice, which is too high. I'd prefer a more masculine, deeper voice. I'd like to sound more like Sean Connery than Woody Allen. There are some CDs and books on this matter on the web, but I don't know which of them are any good.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 Sorry, got to quote this again.. Love the girl.. Impolyt_one: good 8? Wow, how does a real 10 look like?
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