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Do you wear any specific kind of clothes because they give you a certain feeling? E.g. I like to wear a black pullover waistcoat over my shirts, because it somehow makes me feel safe and gives me a feeling of distance from other people. The same goes with boots, if I wear them I immediately feel stronger and more confident. Do you have any such items or rituals with special meaning for you?
I have a very similar hair and sorry, you'll probably never achieve that "straight hair" look without expensive keratine care and also in that case it usually looks weird. I know that everyone wants what he (she) doesn't have, but imho you look good with short hair. Or let it grow longer and keep it wavy. Like this for example.
mr.burns: Good overall image. You look tough. I would look like a kid in those clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Got some Fiorentini + Baker suede shoes for a good price off a reseller on Ebay. They are an interesting shade of blue. I wouldn't call it a straight navy, but close. Has some hints of purple in certain light. Really happy with them and they are my frist from the brand. I'm curious how they will hold up. Fit TTS and the leather/suede feels nice and soft, but quality. Picture was taken with my iPhone and...
An older thread, but I'd like to add my point or two. How does your nutrition look like? A lot of people only care about facial products, but from my experience nutrition plays a MAJOR role in this cases. You shouldn't ever eat fried food or any greasy food except for salmon, avocado etc. No bacon, pork, chips etc. Eat a lot of vegetables every day and drink a lot of water. In a month you should see a significant improvement. I had an oily skin and this helped...
In my opinion, unless you're an old man or a really handsome one (Redford-like) or cool as hell, you'll look weird with it.
This thread is hilarious.. I almost feel sorry for the OP. You've ruined him for life.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt correct. Guess what...All of them were better hung than you. Nine of them were better lays than you. For one of the others, it was his first time and was over before she noticed it was in, and the other couldn't get it up because he was too hammered and passed out on top of her. He whacked off on her chest in her sleep though. But the other nine, they made her moan in ways you will never hear. Kids today. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I recommend cheating on her. Edit: okay, you can break up with her too and then have sex with other people. The banging of other people is the key point. As cynical as it may sound - yes.
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