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Hey guys, please how's the fit of APC Petit Standard when compared to Levis's 511? I'd like a similar fit as the 511s, but don't know, whether the APCs PS would be ok..
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES I though the same until I tired on a belstaff roadmaster. The fitting is far better and the quality HAS not gone down for belstaff. This issue has been touched upon on other forums such as filmjackets-- Good to hear that! Seems to me that Belstaff's the winner now.. Really cool and without that stupid patch. How about any sales, do they make them? The price is still hefty.
I like the Barbour more, the price is also better than belstaff, but the loud logo on chest pocket is totally ugly. Dunno. ;(
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm I may be in the minority, but if I need stronger grip for something I will train stronger grip, not rely on more equipment. I read some site about old school strongmen and grip so may be biased. Regardless, big forearms are impressive. Train your grip. +1
I'm thinking about buying my first pair of APCs (probably petite standards), but I'm not sure about the inseam. The website says it's 34, but I'm 6'2'' and usually wear 36 inseam in Levi's or any other brand. Will they be long enough for me? (My size in Levi's is 33, which means I should probably go for 30 in APC for a slim fit and a 36 inseam is only from size 31 up.)
How about A Single man?! (Only for Tom Ford style lovers of course.)
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Preparing myself for the next foot of snow, and either a lovely unexpected day home with my kids, or a lovely mile and a half trudge to an empty classroom. You nailed it What's that tattoo on your left hand? I really dig the "tattooed-guy in a formal dress" look. Good!
Quote: Originally Posted by xCrunchx noob question i am 10.5 in chucks what euro size am i, i googled and it says 44 anybody of same or near same size to help a noob out BTW i know the difference between a shoe and a sneaker so i dont count as uber newb That should be correct. I'm 44,5 in euro size and that's 11 in US.
Hey guys, do you know about any good chelsea boots in black suede? I can't find anything good, most suede ones are in brown etc. I'm looking for something slimmer, preferably from a UK or European store.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I very much doubt this is even possible. You are either lying or suffering from delusions. Go see a doctor immediately. This definitely is possible. I only did a week long water fast (and several one-day long ones) and I can say that it visibly improved my skin condition, my eyes were brighter, I felt immensely relaxed and although my body was weaker, mentally I worked well. (When I started eating and...
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