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Do you know about any sales or any good 2nd hand pieces of this Belstaff? It's really amazing, however, the price's a bit too much for me. (Any tips on good knock-offs would also be appreciated.) This does not look bad, however, I'm doubtful about the quality.
You might as well write "douchebag" on your forehead and save some money.
If you're Pete Doherty and your ex is Kate Moss, than you may actually really wear her jeans..
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal Ended going with a JCrew British Millerain Oilcloth Field Jacket.. This one's really nice.. Ok, so Kakadu's out. Do you know anything about this one? Looks kinda good. (Btw. does anyone wear this kind of jacket over a suit jacket? Not with a full suit, I mean like jeans, shirt and a jacket. I know it's not very motorcycle-style, but I rarely go out without one and I'm not sure whether wax cotton...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal Yes, velcro all over the place, synthetic-lined collar and cuffs and cheap lining in body and sleave. On top of that it had a terrible fit. It was like putting on a tarp and tying it with a belt. I wanted a Barbour/Belstaff-syle moto jacket without breaking the bank. In this instance, I really got what I paid for. Disappointing. (Did you have the Nelson btw? From the description on the web...
How about these in mink suede? The color looks nice imho.
Is the inseam in PS true-to-size? On APC web they declare for size 30 it's only 34 inches. In Levi's I wear 36 inseam (I'm 6'2'') so I'm afraid if they won't be too short. Anyone who's about my height here and wears size 30 or smaller?
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal ^I bought one of those and returned it. Felt cheap and was very boxy. Are u talkin' about the Kakadu? Here's an interesting comparison with Barbour.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 these are incredible. + 1.. awesome fades on the second pic fntm: thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by captaincaveman For those on a tighter budget, the Kakadu Nelson is a pretty good waxed cotton enduro style moto jacket. I have a L (44-46) for sale on ebay. I'd keep it if it fit. The waxed cotton almost feels like leather in terms of weight and stiffness. Isn't the Kakadu oiled cotton instead of waxed? (I don't know whether there's any difference tho.)
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