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Hi guys, is anyone else also interested in pre-war suits and style? Who is your inspiration? I just ran into this good article on Parisian gentleman:
Hey guys, just letting you know there's a new shop with Alden here in Prague, Czech Republic. They also have a good collection of Vass from Budapest and English brands like Alfred Sargent and Loake. The shop's pretty nice too, it's great there is finally a place to buy this shoes here. Check their facebook page here. Their website is , but it is under construction now. (I hope it is not against the rules to post such a thing here.)
What boots are that?! They're awesome.
What do you think about this Barbour? I like it and the cut is much slimmer than their usual ones, but still not slim. Seems to me like a nice crossover between country and urban wear. (And I generally hate this crossovers.)
How can a pair of jeans cost 300USD?
Hi guys, no intention to start another "photo only" thread like this , mostly a BS theoretical discussion... I just returned from Paris and every time I'm there I'm in awe of how the guys there look. They are almost never "perfectly" dressed as the Italians for example, but they often have a very special and individual style which makes them look interesting. You often see a guy in very regular clothes, where every part taken separately is nothing special, but put together...
Gainsbourg wannabe
Quote: Originally Posted by povatix I got them off amazon. Shipping isnt that expensive either. + 1 (to Europe)
Quote: Originally Posted by jack220 Is there a proper way to care for the Clarks Suede DB's (not the beeswax leather)? For a new pair: 1. Clean / brush 2. Waterproof (couple of layers) Do you use conditioners (Saphir renovateur?) Want to keep these babies for as long as possible waterproofing them is enough.. if you have any light colour, they'll be dirty quickly anyway.. but actually look better for it
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T Again, check out Solovair. All the Britiish made docs are expensive, primarily because of the amount they spend on marketing. Solovair give you a Brit boots for the price f a Chinese one, circa £74 - made in the old Doc Martens Northampton factory, available here. How's the quality of these? Is it the same as MIE "vintage line" DMs?
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