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I wouldn't make friends with an Northeastern liberal elitist easily.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB 2/10. Sorry but this dress is "real" ugly, it belongs on the sale rack at Bebe for broke hookers looking for a new cum rag!. It also the kind of dress English girl's buy when they have a trip to Bali or Hawaii planned, you're just missing the flower behind the ear to complete the tourist look. Well since my family is from south east asia -I'm not the english tourist wannabe, but the Real Deal.
So I bought this dress, which I would like to wear sometime. I have no idea how to, it is quite different to my usual style. What occasion, what accessories and what shoes? Thoughts?
purple is my favourite colour, therefore; purple trend = awesome
I wear these. Usually with stockings when it's cold.
GEN Y YEAHH I hate 50 cent, I dislike Jay Z and I am okay with Biggie. If we must discuss music, let it at least be good music.
Can I submit two? This is the flavour of the month: Urthboy Mos Def T.Z.U Chromeo Fat Freddy's Drop This is what i was listening to last month: Wu Tang Clan Talib Kweli Frank Turner Masta Ace Van She Edit: One More John Coltrane Sex Pistols Parliament Mobb Deep Nas
Two perspectives on baby boomers: Frank Turner: The Herd: Long Lunch (I couldn't find a youtube for this song)
I don't understand. Girls showing colourful thongs over too low jeans is the equivalent of guys who show way too much of their knickers under super-baggy jeans. It's trashy and bad fashion!
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