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Nice ties, but charging retail (or near retail) on an internet sales forum ?
Excellent condition. Dark olive color. Fabric is a wool linen blend with a nice twill texture. Purchased these from fellow member w.o.e.i.s.m.e. and never got around to wearing them. waist - 34" inseam - 28" front rise - 9.5" thigh - 13" knee - 10" opening - 8" 1.5" cuff 56% wool, 44% linen Shipping included to CONUS. Paypal gift or add 3.9%.
Wow, nice stuff! I'm assuming these ties are 58 x 3.5? Can you confirm dimensions?
Spring cleaning time. Awesome EZ jacket. Purchased a few months ago from another SF member. Never really wore it. Soft, natural shoulder; very minimal padding. Nice pick stitching everywhere. Shoulder: 18.75" Chest (P2P): 21.0" Sleeve: 26.0" Length (BOC): 31.0" Shipping included in price. Shipping to CONUS only. Payment via PayPal gift or add 3.9%.
$75 >>> $50 Spring cleaning time. Near new condition. Purchased last year from The Shoe Mart; excellent near new condition. Brass buckle. Shipping included in price. Shipping to CONUS only. Payment via PayPal gift or add 3.9%.
yes, please provide measurements. This is a great post I used to reference when doing measurements. Sadly, the pics are no longer uploaded. http://www.styleforum.net/t/1463/hof-how-to-measure-for-ebay/0_50
Yes, these are cigar. There is no direct "cigar LHS" page at The Shoe Mart; you instead can go to the page I linked and choose from the pulldown menu. I typically wear a 11.5 - 12D depending on the manufacturer and last. This size was good for my foot other than my high instep (arch). If you typically wear around 11.5 (normal width) shoes, these should work for you.
PRICE DROP! 550 >> 525 >> 500 >> $415! I ordered these beauties from Joe at The Shoe Mart earlier this month for $654. Had them held at the store until I got back into the US (was traveling). Received them two weeks ago; wore them inside for a week and wore them twice outside. They are just barely too small for my instep and I've reordered a half size larger from TSM. Absolutely gorgeous color . I can't wait to receive my replacements. First to PayPal gets these...
Any issue with going dark navy? It's not a fashion faux pas to mix/match coat and suit colors? What about a dark charcoal?
This is a great post, thank you.I'm 6'2", 190lbs. The coat would be used primarily for walking to/from work during NYC winters. Will likely get some subway use. It will almost always be worn over a suit.Should frequent subway and occasional taxi use prevent the purchase of a longer coat?
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