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Drop to $100
Price dropped to $115 shipped.
Vintage Red Wing boots, size 7.5C. I can post sole measurements tomorrow if anyone's interested. I'd like to sell these for $125>>>>>$80 shipped.
This allows a cuff seam to neither be in contact with your wrist nor visible on the outside of the cuff.
My understanding was that bicycle toe shoes were named for the two seams running along either side of the toe, which superficially resemble those used in the construction of traditional leather bicycling shoes. Other than that, they don't really share any of the features of a true bicycling shoe (stiffened soles capable of accepting cleats of some sort and/or a toe shaped to interface properly with the toe clip, low-profile heels, lacing extending far down the toe to...
What are the measurements on the BBBF? I've heard the sizing varies season-to-season.
I own a medium-format Russian camera which is essentially a copy of a Hasselblad. It's a lot of fun and a nice-ish camera for what it is, but it sure as hell isn't a Hasselblad. That said, I suspect that I got far more use out of it than I would have if I'd purchased the real thing, because I wasn't afraid of ruining a few thousand dollars of kit by taking it on vacation/hiking/bike tours etc.
If it's not too much trouble, what are the pit-to-pit measurements for these?
Thrifts can be a goldmine in the midwest, if you don't mind digging. I always liked the Value Villages, but it might only be because there weren't any in my hometown so they seem a little more exotic than the Salvation Army.
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