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Are you guys still running the Huddersfield promotion?
I use a deodorant paste called black chicken and I have no yellow marks on my shirts anymore. It's a 100% natural and contains no aluminium and nasties. I'm around 100kg and this is as good as any anti perspirant I've ever had.
Whats the forum opinion of ??
PM on 14 sir!Hands off everyone else.
love the boots. the website doesn't have them on yet. I was thinking of nabbing a pair. Apologies if already posted.
Its the 3386 model which comes in 63mm or 67mm
Quote: Originally Posted by Schnurretiger We need a picture of your face to make a decision. I don't think I could make my fellow forumistas ill!
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Oliver Peoples. Many thanks
Hi guys out of these two colours ahem colors which would you go for? I usually go for all black frames but can't make my mind up.
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