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Woodhouse 3 ply winter hopsack in the making by Sartoria Dalcuore. After some more work on the collar and a good ironing, it should be good to go!
Sorry I thought you could click to enlarge them. Will upland to bigger size in the future.I need that kind of leg opening because I have elephant legs. This linen suit was first delivered in April. But the pents were too narrow, especially when I want to wear OTC socks. So I sent all the trousers back and have them widened. Just took the delivery of them and now I'm happy with the leg opening.
Yes, in Styleforum terms too.
Brio Beijing is the store that hosts Sartoria Dalcuore (and many other tailors and craftsmen) in China. They have a nice "vintage fabric collection" where they find rare or discontinued fabrics and bring back to store.
Sartoria Dalcuore in Naples
It's not LL linen. Same half width woven by old looms, but slightly lighter weight. I sourced this length from Brio Beijing's vintage fabric collection.(Another customer in the same Irish linen)The body is great as my pants don't show much wrinkles by the end of the day. I also have experience with LL linen. Very similar. They are fantastic.
Perfect timing for a casual suit made in vintage single width linen. The suit jacket is intended to be worn as sport coat as well.
Thanks! Should avoid shooting pics at noon next time. Shame that shade is right on the neck in some pics..
Hand-padded collar too Not really as functional and necessary as the hand stitched lapel, but still a nice thing to be offered by Dalcuore.
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