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Thanks! Should avoid shooting pics at noon next time. Shame that shade is right on the neck in some pics..
Hand-padded collar too Not really as functional and necessary as the hand stitched lapel, but still a nice thing to be offered by Dalcuore.
Yes. Naw... 😊
Sartoria Dalcuore summer two piece in grey nailhead Rangoon.
The fabric has a shade of green in it. Brown is always a safe choice. But I do see it could work with other colors.
Thanks, what color of velvet collar would you use? I was thinking of dark chocolate brown..
I do not have the fabric. It is a very old piece under the board at Steed. The initial plan was not to finish the tweed coat. There may not be enough left for the collar and cuffs etc.
I really hope they have enough fabric left. :-)
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