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The fabric has a shade of green in it. Brown is always a safe choice. But I do see it could work with other colors.
Thanks, what color of velvet collar would you use? I was thinking of dark chocolate brown..
I do not have the fabric. It is a very old piece under the board at Steed. The initial plan was not to finish the tweed coat. There may not be enough left for the collar and cuffs etc.
I really hope they have enough fabric left. :-)
The first illustration showing a combination of cream/off white waistcoat with the pinstripe suit. It looks good to me. I want to add a third piece to this suit and a different color/texture would be a good idea. Thanks to you for the inspiration!
I probably won't pick this color myself. But the fitting stage helped me better visualize the result. I like it a lot. Matthew will check to see if there's enough leftover fabric for turn back cuffs and collars. Let's hope there is.
Lol I've never thought about 3r2 will bring down the formality. But I do see your point - it draws attention to a rather neat pattern, especially on the lapel. In fact I didn't specify the configuration to my tailor. I just leave the details to them, especially my Neapolitean tailors. The fabric is hopsack anyways, maybe I will do only 2 buttons for a finer striped fabrics next time for a more business/formal look.
Yes, fitting in October.
Thanks for your kind words. I believe @kolecho will organize a new run. So please feel free to check with him. I highly recommend Rangoon, in every colors.For the overcoat fabric, this is just a "mock up" fitting garment. French would call it "Toileā€¯. The actual fabric will be a navy vicuna length. Steed was kind enough to provide a fitting with this waste fabric, given the delicacy of vicuna fabric. Matthew told me it is actually a very old piece under the board at Steed....
Yes, it's all relative.
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