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FWIW, i just measured the Made In USA 31x32 501s that just came to me and they're about 16.25" waist size measured flat, which makes it about 33.5" actual waist size.
The return was easy! I was worried because I thought the guy might think I switched out the jeans for a less expensive pair on return, but not even a question. Been doing some looking at LVCs. I'm not going to be in the market for another pair of jeans for a while, but the 1947 and 1933s look great. What're your favorites, Johnny?
Thanks Ricardo! Something that was cool: I left a pair in my cart for the last week or so and they emailed me saying that the cart was about to expire, and gave me 15% off (I was able to switch out the pair for a different size, and it seemed to be off the entire cart! No free shipping though). I'm going to take advantage of this and try and return my pair to a Levi's store sometime this week; the pair I got were too small anyways. Here's to hoping I don't get any hassles...
Ricardo, where do you have that Cone Mill text? I've looked everywhere on my pair of 501s and can't find any reference to Cone Mill. Here's to hoping they didn't send me the wrong pair. It was especially strange because the tag with the price (next to the patch) came off as I was taking the jeans off. I know they were tight, but usually I have to get at those with a pair of scissors. Edit: Even weirder, the site lists it under 501 Original rather than 501 STF. So...
Quote: Originally Posted by jangie I put in an order on Friday and it looks like I'll be getting them on Wednesday. RE: xx, i think that means Shrink To Fit as seen here. For what it's worth, I just got them. The tag does not have the XX after 501, and yet it has a paper attached to it saying that it's STF, even though there was absolutely no mention of that on the site. I already have a question open to the site about whether that's...
I put in an order on Friday and it looks like I'll be getting them on Wednesday. RE: xx, i think that means Shrink To Fit as seen here.
Quote: Originally Posted by ysb are they dragging along the ground when you walk? No, not at all. And it's happening on the front, too... maybe it's the denim rubbing against my shoes?
Quick question: I wear my jeans cuffed, but am now realizing that they're now ripping/tearing along the cuff. Is there any way to prevent this? Find it kinda annoying, because I don't want the jeans to fall apart before I can even get a fade into them. Is the answer just to hem them and just not cuff anymore? Is there a good way to prevent the fraying once it's started?
Anybody have a recommendation for a slim or straight cut pair of full-length seersucker pants?
Any recommendations for slim/straight cut seersucker pants? Looking to get prepped for a warm summer in the dead of winter.
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