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Yes they are. Lemme know if youre interested.
It'll be $20. Let me know.
Up for sale is this pair of lightly worn Group MTO Oxfords that have been treed after each wear and cleaned/polished with Saphir. The last is the olfe last which is sleeker than Hiro. $150 shipped to CONUS. Shoe Tree not included. Contact for international shipping.
Sounds good. Thanks for the update.Oops. Ma bad. Yeah I meant Justin.
Hi Patrick. Do you have an update on these?
Is that the whitest most opaque shirt that luxire carries? I was disappointed with the whiteness and opacity of a superfine 200/2 I ordered. I'm looking for a fabric that feels solid
Anybody know how to order suits/jackets from Luxire? I cannot seem to find any way to select fabrics and specify jacket measurements.
Thanks for the update. Sucks that Horween botched your order. We'll see how the dark brown looks.
Whats the ETA on these? Thanks
The left shoe was pretty bad but both had the beer stains, so I cleaned both. The 3:1 Vinegar:Water solution worked well.
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