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Anybody know where to find a tee with a similar print or what this design is called? Thanks for the help
Up for sale is a pair of Dark Brown Calf Meermin Double Monks. http://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=2338 I wore these shoes exactly once and figured that the Hiro last is not perfect for my feet. You will get: -One pair of Meermin Dark Brown Double Monks -Dust Bags -Shoe box $190$160 shipped within CONUS. More pics available
What is museum calf like? Anybody here have any of the museum calf shoes?
[[SPOILER]] Ha Patilean, I see you made it. Nice haul!
Thanks for the response. I was wondering mainly about the shell actually. I hear its not Horween and theres been some issues in the past.I have a pair of dub-Monks in the non LM line which I'm not terribly excited about. Hoping the LM is a significant upgrade in construction and QCI agree Meermin is hard to be beat on value. Or so it seems.
Does anyone have experience with the Shell Cordovan Boots Im looking to Kop as my second Meermin pair. Also does anyone have suggestions of alternative brogued boots in the Mermin's price range. No AE please.
[[SPOILER]] Dayum! That boot is all kinds of sexy
How do you get charged after the delivery?
Crappy phone pic. Apologies
Got my first pair of Meermins (Hiro Dub monks) today, 5 days after I paid for it (Im in Texas). Pretty satisfied overall. Minor QC issues on the strap. Definitely a bargain for the price. Surprisingly did not get charged any duties.
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