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The left shoe was pretty bad but both had the beer stains, so I cleaned both. The 3:1 Vinegar:Water solution worked well.
Thanks PatrickBooth. It worked.
Thanks. I'll try that out.
Thanks. My buddy spilled the beer on me a couple days ago. I tried to wipe it immediately and got some off the shoe. Its actually not sticky. I am just wondering what kind of cleaner/stripper would be appropriate.
Thanks itsuo. Here is the shoe with the beer stains. Damp cloth hasn't worked.
Gents, I need help with cleaning a pair of leather shoes that beer spilled on. Anybody dealt with something like this? What would work to clean the mottled stains. I can add a picture if that'll help
I bought this shoe along with a pair of double monks only to discover that Hiro 10UK does not fit well. The double monks have been sold, now I am trying to sell these. Meermin Black Calf Oxford Size: 10UK Last: Hiro Condition: Excellent. worn 2wice You will get: 1 pair of black calf oxfords dust bag shoe box Price of $180150 includes shipping to anywhere in CONUS. More pics available on request. Make an offer if you are interested.
Ashish, Just wanted everyone to know that you guys absolutely nailed my last order to a tee. I asked for a lot of modifications/ customization and everything turned out well. Email communication was good too. I'll post pics soon.
Thats sweet mayte. Thanks for sharing.
Just wanted to say that the grain Carmina Jumper boots are so damn sexy it ridiculous. I have been looking for nice boots and I think I've just found them. Any pics of the jumpers in the wild?
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