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Ashish, Just wanted everyone to know that you guys absolutely nailed my last order to a tee. I asked for a lot of modifications/ customization and everything turned out well. Email communication was good too. I'll post pics soon.
Thats sweet mayte. Thanks for sharing.
Just wanted to say that the grain Carmina Jumper boots are so damn sexy it ridiculous. I have been looking for nice boots and I think I've just found them. Any pics of the jumpers in the wild?
Yeah. Sam Hober looks like the way to go. I'll try to specify bigger width. Thanks
Thanks man. I'll give both a shot. TF will probably be ridiculously expensive though.
I have been trying to get a big/floppy silk/grosgrain self-tie butterfly bow tie for my black tie events. Its a distinctly fuller bow tie that goes well with robust lapels. Anybody know where I can kop this. I cannot seem to find them anywhere. Something like this http://theblacktieblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/tom_hanks_esquire.jpg Thanks
Thanks. Does the Luxire poster to this thread respond to PMs quicker?
Hey Camacho. Do you have a direct email to contact Luxire?
Anybody know where to find a tee with a similar print or what this design is called? Thanks for the help
Up for sale is a pair of Dark Brown Calf Meermin Double Monks. http://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=2338 I wore these shoes exactly once and figured that the Hiro last is not perfect for my feet. You will get: -One pair of Meermin Dark Brown Double Monks -Dust Bags -Shoe box $190$160 shipped within CONUS. More pics available
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