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Chest measurement and price on the zegna?
To all the spring looks. They are all great!
Quote: Originally Posted by JKISSI Great warm day in NYC - clean casual day more dressed down than the normal check out our feature in april gq mag Vintage Ralph Lauren polo Flathead jeans Sebago loafers Billykirk bag Very noice.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Sold hundreds of things, including Zegna suits in this size for similar prices, way more than $400. I believe you, just seems that things don't get sold until they are over 80% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE?? NOW $685 Have sold anything on SF before? To be honest you would have trouble getting $400 (this is not thread @##$ing, just answering op's question).
I'm not sure, but I'm curious as to the answer as well.
I like the look today Holdfast. Your poses always make me smile.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beetleything Is everybody aware that when RL or Paul Smith or Brioni or whoever make a suit/jacket ......they make more than 1...right. Like a buncha girls crying about someone copying their hairstyle..... i had it first ..... Not when you go to a specific tailor to have the same clothes made. Read the history of an issue before making a comment.
MoK, very nice.
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