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Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing yea but 7" drop... the waist on that is 25" According the measurements it's 30.5"..............
what were the prices on the drakes ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by EFV Yeah... but no thank you. Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus Replica Rolex watches . Don't quote spam, makes it hard for moderator to delete.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Damn, Phil. You went on a bender, huh? Congrats! Great stuff. I love the C&J Alex. I was there in May. So I have no secret way of getting shoes. Simple answer is buy a plane ticket visit london and take a day trip up to Northhampton and visit all the factories. (That's my big secret
Another day another package.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Season 8 starts Sunday, July 10th at 10PM. Can't wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster CDN? So if it came through mail did you get hit with any tax/duty? Yes CDN, The values stated may have been slightly different..............................................................lol
TTO, Very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral what type of pricing are we talking? $670 (with trees), $590 (with trees), $250, $250
Quote: Originally Posted by Duppy Hotness!!! The grey and brown definately caught me eyes. What are they and where did you order from? From left to right : EG Brummell in navy 82 last, EG Bibbury in Dark oak 82 last, CJ Alex in black 348 last, CJ Hallam in dark brown 348 last. Ordered them from the factories in Northhampton.
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