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TTO, Very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral what type of pricing are we talking? $670 (with trees), $590 (with trees), $250, $250
Quote: Originally Posted by Duppy Hotness!!! The grey and brown definately caught me eyes. What are they and where did you order from? From left to right : EG Brummell in navy 82 last, EG Bibbury in Dark oak 82 last, CJ Alex in black 348 last, CJ Hallam in dark brown 348 last. Ordered them from the factories in Northhampton.
Got a nice package yesterday (for me anyway).
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Moar butt-cam QBD9VKoeZI/ThW3Dwc36EI/AAAAAAAABMI/fCdoFn0a8Hc/Thurs3.JPG[/IMG] Really like this. You guys are going to make go out and buy some bow ties.
I originally joined both but liked the vibe of SF better. Haven't gone back to AAAC in years.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 more like top three. i wish he'd post again. +1 Why did he stop?
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