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Anyone in Toronto know where one can get these done?
+1 quote name="Dragne" url="/t/255416/handmade-bead-bracelets-made-to-measure-wood-horn-semiprecious-stones-coral/135#post_6846798"]Hey Homer are you still making these? [/quote]
Hey Homer, are you still making bracelets?
This show is a fun watch.
Here's a beautiful limited edition suit from Benjamin Sartorial Collection. The BENJAMIN SARTORIAL COLLECTION is truly an exclusive line of tailored clothing. This is not a private label sewn on a mass-produced garment, but rather these are a very limited number of suits produced in small quantities. Quality of suit is similar to Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Brooks Brothers. Jacket Features * Full canvas construction * Working Button holes * Demi-luna pocket...
Nice, thanks for the replies.
Anyone else?
Did a search and couldn't find the answer. If I'm a 8.5 F (UK sizing) on the EG 82, how would the 8000 compare (longer and narrower)?
^^^^^^^^^ I wonder what the chances are? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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