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PG, Awesome!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Wham! And, yeah, my Pantas occupy at least 20 minutes of my day with "attempts" at knotting. This does not sound like a ringing endorsement.
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Here are a few items of note: The Gays are taking over. You may not use WAYWRN to get fit critiques. A kid in Japan has vaginas confused with the aged. Lime-green jackets are all that. Linen suits are all that and a bag of chips. The Armo(u)ry is air-conditioned. That pretty much sums it up.
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Trini is right so not sure what you think your doing................
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamesgatz [] Never seen a shirt like that. Tie could be Kiton, I almost bought a similar one myself. Would have chosen a solid blue shirt with the tie. Shirt is Paul Smith.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Did you bump into Spoozy, Philip?
Just a closeup today:
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiberinus Lovely shoes! Deets, pls Crockett & Jones Merton.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman It's a decent look Phil but the lapel critique is valid. Also I like the colour of your shoes but above the ankle you are very business formal and IMO a laced shoe in the same colour would have worked better. It's my "playful" part of my outfit.................
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Gotta go to a wedding. [ [/SPOILER] Nice Spoo, but what about your best accessory?...................................
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