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It's kind of like Travian (if you've ever played that).
Your sig Gdot.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin [] Solid outfit, really like the tie.
^^^^ What do you do in Seoul? ^^^^
Quote: Originally Posted by joneog [IMG] This is well put together.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Thanks guys. Philip - the fabric is, IIRC, Harrisons Irish Linen. You should find it in their book. 2) I should never ever use this pose again Thanks for the tip and agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Nice combo. Would spice it up with a pink tie and/or pocket square. The blue/blue/blue is a tad bit bland, but still very nice. Deets on shirt? That's a good idea, will try next time. The shirt is TM Lewin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing I don't know which countries you chaps are in, but Selfridges London had an enormous selection of Drake's ties for £19 this past week. Picked up 4 myself. Not online.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiteandkey This show has promise. I hope it doesn't turn out to suck. +1
If you verify your email you get 10 bonus mushrooms.
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