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Hi all, I have a midnight blue shawl collar tux and I'm trying to put together the shirt. Does the shirt need to have a bib? I'm thinking of going mtm with a pique fabric, (is anything with a small textured check or diamond fabric considered pique? or is only pique, pique...?) Does it need to be semi stiff? Or can it be soft? (seriously..) I'd like to have the shirt have a turndown collar, all over pique fabric, no bib, with a fly front. Will be wearing a black bow tie....
Any outerwear at the SH sale? Looking for a raincoat/trench..
You could try this one by Seagull. I'm waiting for my Rodina from there.Link
Can anyone tell me how the RRL polo fit in comparison to Polo custom fit?
I really like the sizing and fit of the Everlane pocket t's but after two washes the pocket is already starting to come off. It pains me to say it but I'll probably stick with J crew slim or other in the future.
Best washed jeans under $200? Looking for all dem creases! Yeah, I know I know, you should wear in your jeans yourself, but some of us want washed jeans without having to wait 8 months. I already have a pair of RRL washed once denim that fit nice, but I'm looking to vary up my jean collection a little. That being said I'm leaning toward the RRL low straight washed jeans as the front runner right now. Looked at the RB15x but 8.5" leg opening blech, looking for 8" and...
Do you guys think it's not difficult (costly) for a tailor to add a leather backing to a peacoat collar a la the billy reid?
Are they restocking the Soiffer Haskin sale? Think there will be anything left worth going for tomorrow? Did anyone see the Morgan Plaid Wool Jacket there? Any casual items like tees and henleys available in regular sizes? Thanks for saving me the trip ahead of time gents...
This reply doesn't really belong in the Poor Man's watch thread but as a poor man myself it's nice to dream. I think the Stowa Antea 390 would fit the bill for what you're looking for perfectly. I aim to get one when I'm no longer a poor man.
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