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Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh but I agree that the networks definitely want to see a Colts-Patriots Super Bowl. I think you mean a Colts-Patriots AFC Championship. They want a Cowboys-Patriots Super Bowl.
A little What Are You Wearing football style!
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD That "holding" call was complete bullshit. THAT was an amazing run. That was a touchdown. This game is fucking fixed. Ok Brian, you should be feeling a little better now. 14-10 Chargers.
Please refer to
Looking forward to... -the Cowboys winning their 6th Super Bowl on Feb. 3 (fingers crossed); -marrying the most beautiful girl in the world on May 31; -honeymooning in Alaska June 1 - June 10 (the first significant time off since 1992); -change on November 4th; -and spending countless hours on this awesome forum - cheers!
I like the vacuum packed tuna by Star-Kist with chopped hardboiled eggs, mustard, and chopped olives on a nice whole-grain roll or bagel.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Maybe, maybe not, but in any case that just made it worse when he destroyed the team the next year! Fair enough - I guess we both can agree on that the Cowboys rule
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster The "career-ending injury" comment was hyperbole, but I do bear a special hatred for TO. For pretty obvious reasons. And I'm a n00b Eagles fan. I can only imagine how the lifers feel. IMO you should have a special love for TO because without him the Eagles would have never made it to the Super Bowl three years ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster I believe the Patriots have the Cowboys beat ten ways to Sunday in the "everyone but our homers want to see us lose" category. But I'm a Philly fan, so I have a special loathing for the Cowboys. Again... Eagles fan, so even beyond my normal hatred of Dallas, I'd really like to see TO writhing in pain. I'd sort of like to see a career-ending injury, but it'd be so much sweeter to just watch him turn into a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Yes! Like I said, we're the team that embarasses you in front of your celebrity girlfriend. But bad history or no, IIRC it was statistically the worst game in Romo's career, wasn't it? Just pointing out that lawyerdad probably has a point--Romo seems like he's either playing great or playing horribly. Personally, I'm just hoping for another fumbled-FG-snap level mistake that costs them the playoffs. Preferably...
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