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Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones The last six miles of any marathon demonstrate why this is a problem. I keep a 60 mpw but would like to step it up to 70-80 to try and smoke the surf city marathon this february (I ran a 3:32 last year there) 1 mile roughwater swim today- feels good to give the legs a little rest. +1 Great time at Surf City - I also ran it last year. I was on pace through mile 22 for a 3:48 finish, but bonked hard...
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Yeah, I'm here at my TJMaxx right now, and found one of these LVC pairs with a small cataloge in the back pocket. I've found, based on the book, the 1971 646 Deadstock in sizes 27x32, 34x30, 34x32, and 36x32, as well as the 1971 646 Fred pair in a 33x34 (two of them). They're the real deal, friends. Anyone need a proxy? I would post photos, but my SIM card is acting up. I'm interested in the 27x32 if...
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Ran 7.5 yesterday early. It is too hot and humid now to run in the afternoon. Ankle is getting better, but I took a curb wrong and kind of facked it up. Running the race in Seattle on the weekend..... Just flew into the PNW yesterday, the hills at my Mom's are amazing.... Good luck with the race. I assume it's the Rock n Roll marathon right?
4 easy miles today. Ran a 10K yesterday in 44:55. They started the race at 9am when the sun and humidity was already cracking down on us
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf 4 miles in 28:55! PR!!! Yeah!!! Got it under 29 minutes at last... Good job Scrum! 9 easy miles tonight.
Back to running today - 7 moderately slow miles ending with strides (10x100 meters).
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Congrats on the marathon.. it created hell for my day traffic wise. My run was slow and easy, still prepping for my race this weekend. Thanks rj - sorry about the traffic hell. The worst part of the race was the 2 1/2 hour wait to get back to Qualcomm from Sea World Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles 6.2 miles in 43:18 this morning in Central Park on the bridle path -...
Hey running peeps - congrats to all of you guys for getting out there and pounding the pavement. Lord knows it's way easier to veg out in front of the tube. Today: Nada Sunday: San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon. Hot, humid, crowded, too much concrete, but had a blast. Managed to come in at 3:55, a 14 minute PR. I'll take this week off and then begin training for another marathon in October.
Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles 50 miles a week! how many days are you running and what is your long run distance? I wish I could get that many miles in but am happy to get 25-30 in per week. I'm typically running 6 days per week. For example, this was last week's log: Mon: 3 Tue: 10 Wed: Off Thu: 8 Fri: 10 Sat: 5 Sun: 15 Total:51 My long runs are usually from 14 to 20 miles. But, I would gladly give up some miles for...
Haven't posted in a while - work has me running at midnight Last Night: 6.1 mile in 46:50. I'm well into my taper for an upcoming marathon in 10 days. Cut back my weekly miles from ~ 50 to ~ 30.
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