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8 miles w/ 6 x 400 @ 5k pace.
I have arm warmers on my wishlist. 3 recovery miles tonight.
10 miles with a few strides at the end.
Wow - first post in a long while. Those IT punks at work blocked SF. Thankfully the DW got me an iPad for my birthday. Glad to see everyone putting in the miles - keep up the good work! Btw: 3 easy miles on the treadmill.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I did! I got the credit card notice before the official email, so I knew before I knew, if that makes any sense. As a result, I've been sticking to the five-day routine, and should start craking up the mileage soon. 84 miles in 8 days: you've become a running machine! Good Lord! When do you run Boston? Congrats on getting in! Boston? I don't think I'll be able to run sub 3:20 for another year or...
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones Ten hard hot miles in Irvine today, then on the bike ride home A Woman made a quick left turn going the opposite direction and hit me on my bike. The bike is totalled, and my foot is broken - but the rest of me is okay. God Damnit - this puts a kink in my training in a big way. Tough break - I almost got run over over by a teenage girl on her cell phone last Thursday night. Keep your spirits up and...
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones How did you prep the Ice Bath?/Did you use a Garmin watch?/Are you training for a particular race? I got into the bathtub and ran the cold water until it covered my lower body completely. I then had my wife pour 20 lbs of ice in the tub. First few minutes are painful, after that you don't feel anything but numbness. I stayed in the ice for ~20 minutes. Give it a try - you won't regret it. I use an...
20 miles yesterday morning at a nice, easy 9:15 pace. Took an ice bath immediately afterwards to reduce the swelling in my right hammy (it's been bugging me lately). It worked like a charm. 6 miles tonight.
11 miles w/ 7 at lactate threshold at 5:00 am this morning.
12 miles w/ 8x100 strides down the home stretch.
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