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Congratulations and good luck! Train wisely and race smart to avoid a death march in the last few miles.I have a half marathon tomorrow. I hope to be able to use my time to help me calculate appropriate training paces for my marathon in June.
8 miles on the treadmill tonight.
3 easy miles .
There is some good running up in here:slayer: 10 w/ 6x400 @ 5k pace.
10 w/ 10x100 strides. Happy New Year everybody!
10 with a "fast" finish.
Merry Christmas to all! 16 easy miles this afternoon, before taking the daughter to see "War Horse".
No worries - it's the Holiday season. You're supposed to over eat and be a little lazy.9 easy miles last night and maybe get in a quick 3 this afternoon before the family comes over for Christmas eve dinner.
whoa - glad to see you're still at it!Hey Thomas - it's been a while. I was dealing with some hamstring/piriformis issues in 2010. Now I'm back at full strength and will make a run at an old man BQ next Fall.How've you been? Still running the Houston Marathon coming up?Last week I cranked out 45 miles and felt on top of the world. Last weekend I took a road trip (850 miles) and saw my sick great-aunt. Then we all got sick. dammit. Today was the first time I was good to...
Running rest day - I did get in a full body resistance workout.
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